What the female erotic dreams say.

According to Laura Levenberg, a psychologist and dream expert, erotic female dreams often hint at what you should pay attention to in your personal life.

If your ex-boyfriend is seen in a dream, this does not necessarily mean that you have feelings for him. Such a dream plot may say that everything could have happened differently, but at the moment, the subconscious mind signals readiness for a new relationship.

If you have a dream in which you make love to a person of the same sex, but this is not inherent to you in real life, this is how you unconsciously praise yourself for hard work. The subconscious mind has built approximately the following logical chain: you have worked, accomplished the almost impossible, and here is the projection of you ideally.

A dream about intimacy with a person you don’t like may mean that you are attracted to something in him, but you don’t want to admit it. On the other hand, such a dream can be a signal that it is worth reconsidering the attitude to this person. You may not be friends, but you will cease to be enemies.

Group sex is a dream for those who are trying to solve several complex problems at the same time. You may be tired because you do not know how to cope with these tasks. Re-evaluating what you work with and cutting back on tasks can help.

If you dream of sex in your childhood home, it means that the subconscious mind is rebelling against conventionality - a situation in which you subconsciously or consciously feel like a child.

Sex in a public place means that some part of your life dominates, taking energy from your other hobbies. Experts recommend reviewing your schedule.

Sergii Haranenko

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