Childhood Home Dream Meaning

The childhood home is most often identified with the dreamer himself, his thoughts, feelings, and health. The appearance of such a place in a dream often indicates coming changes.

According to Miller, if you visited your childhood home in a dream, you can expect some pleasant news. It is best sign if you see the home is cozy and bright. This means that you will have a long period of well-being.

Almost all the buildings act as a background for the main action and do not carry a special semantic load. But if the paternal home appears in a dream too often, it reflects personal memories, regrets about the past, missed chances.

It is worst of all, if house often appears in a gloomy, neglected and even ominous form. Dream interpretation believes that all troubles originate precisely in long-standing events.

If you dreamed of an old family house that was falling apart, this means that the period of scandals, lack of money, diseases, losses is approaching.

If you happened to see that your old house will be demolished, this is a sign that your lightheadedness will cause trouble.

If you happened to return to your parental home at night, this plot means you will get into a difficult situation, but the dreambook is sure you will get support from your relatives and you will be able to overcome all obstacles.

To see a childhood home empty and lifeless in dreams means that one day you will have to answer for all the mistakes and evil thoughts committed in life.

If you returned to your parental home in a dream and met your deceased relatives there this is a warning about some danger in real life. But if you hid in the house in which you lived in your younger years, you will successfully escape it.

If you were happy to visit your parental home in a dream, this plot guarantees welfare and great news.

    The dreambooks give interpretations of plot details:
  • The building was flooded – big danger;
  • A spring appeared inside – joy, consolation;
  • The river flows from the house – abundance, prosperity;
  • The structure burns – poverty, trouble;
  • House falls into a hole – illness, death, separation.

It is good to see the house of your childhood strong, beautiful and hospitable. This means that you can be expecting a period of excellent health, well-being, happiness. If you dreamed of cracked walls, this means you are deliberately harmed by others, possibly with the help of magic.

If the tile fell from the roof, the dream interpretation predicts: good life changes are approaching. If you yourself decided to break the building, get ready to move in reality.

Seeing a dream about full renovation of the childhood building means that you should be ready for guests from afar and spending a lot of money. Asking your friends and neighbors to help you with the renovation means you will have to analyze all your life in order to make the right decision.

Sergii Haranenko
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