Gold Watch Dream Meaning

A dream about gold watch has ambiguous interpretations. This symbol is associated with fruitful period that you will later remember as one of the best. On the other hand it predicts cunningness of people close to you and intrigues.

For example, finding gold watch in a dream predicts loss for the dreamer in real life. If you found watch in a dream, this means you will have troubles because you do not meet your commitments and obligations. The coming losses will not be too big, but the dreambooks recommend being more responsible both at home and at work.

If you had a dream that you found gold watch and put it on, this symbol can have positive meaning. Thanks to your hard work and disciple you will gain financial stability and independence. Besides that it is a promise of success in personal life or happy news.

If you saw yourself the owner of new gold watch this is a very positive symbol. You will be a winner in an unspoken rivalry with more strong competitors; you will turn to be luckier. Sometimes finding gold watch in a dream is a symbol of a chance that you can get once in your life and you should not miss it.

If you found old watch, even if it was from gold, the dreambooks recommend you revising your views and lifestyle. You live in the past and in your memories while life goes forward.

If someone unknown gave you gold watch as a gift, this means you will become someone’s debtor. And you will not be able to return the debt fast. If you gave it to someone this means you will miss your chance and let another person take your work position. If you give your friend gold watch that someone else presented you means you will insult (with no reason) your beloved person and will worry a lot because of this.

Seeing gold watch on your hand in a dream means that an important life event is coming soon and you should get prepared. If you had a dream about buying a pair of gold watch, this is a sign that your way to wealth will be short and easy. It also symbolizes making new starts; and success depends only on your efforts and abilities.

Gold watch is also associated with some income or a small sum of money; besides that it can symbolize work promotion.

    The type of watch can also help interpret the dream:
  • Women’s – your close acquaintance who didn’t give any reason for doubts will steal something valuable from you;
  • Wrist watch – you will get public acknowledgement;
  • Nice watch with a bracelet – predict getting married soon and this marriage will be a happy one;
  • Pocket watch – success in business depends directly on the dreamer. Remember to pay enough attention to details since they make the whole.
  • Watch on golden chain – is a symbol of punctuality and accuracy;
  • On a massive chain – in order to achieve what you planned you will have to think everything over properly.

Small women’s gold watch can also warn the dreamer about intrigues around him that can cause him a lot of troubles. If you gave somebody the watch as a gift, you should get ready for troubles. If you received it as a present, your interests will suffer because of doubtful entertainment.

Sergii Haranenko
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