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Abbreviation Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of abbreviations and acronyms that appear in your dream? The dream in which you try to understand the meaning of the abbreviation warns against possible difficulties. If you managed to guess the meaning of the letters, then you can easily overcome life's barriers. However, if the meaning of the abbreviation remains unsolved, such dream means you will not resist these difficulties.

If you dream of an abbreviation that you do not understand, this is a sign of confusion in business.

Writing an abbreviation on your own in a dream predicts discussion of your plans with like-minded people.

If you are trying to remember the abbreviation decryption in a dream, this plot is a promise of salary raise or promotion at work.

If you dream about abbreviation the meaning of which you know very well or you managed to understand it at once, this means you will soon face a difficult life situation, from which you will leave with minimal loss.

Incomprehensible acronym that you do not know predicts coming difficulties related to solving uneasy intellectual task.

A dream about abbreviation may also means that someone is using you as a pawn in his game.

If you see another person trying hard to understand the meaning of abbreviation, this means you will remain aside from solving the task that was supposed to be yours earlier.

Unravelling the abbreviation in a dream is a reflection of supremacy of thoughts over feelings, emotions and intuition. It also shows the need to think something over. Not wanting to decipher an abbreviation in a dream reflects haste in the endeavour stat you started; it may also indicate the need to hurry up.

Sergii Haranenko

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