Address Dream Meaning

From moving to surprise - this is the range of interpretations that the dream books offer, interpreting what the meaning of address that appears in a dream. To get the most accurate answers to this question, first of all, you need to remember what role this image played in your dream: you looked for it, forgot it, gave it to someone or maybe something else.

Searching for someone’s address in a notebook in a dream is a symbol that the dreamer will encounter difficulties in resolving some important issues, says Tsvetkov’s dream book, interpreting what dreams of looking for a specific street and house that were written down into your notebook a long time ago mean.

But to look for your own new address, which you wrote on a piece of paper and now you can’t remember where you put it, means that at the most inopportune moment your memory will fail you. You should train it in order to avoid excesses, the interpreter advises.

The dream trip around the city in search of the house you need means troubles that nobody needs, dream books predict.

Any dream book can answer the question of why there is a plot in which you give someone your address saying the street and house number, but the Oriental interpreter offers the most interesting one. In its opinion, if in a dream you were asked the address, then writing it to the asker is a sign of readiness to obey someone else's will. That is, you are ready to concede either in a dispute or in principles.

But to write the name of the street just in case – as it may be needed in future – is a symbol of the dreamer's fear of being out of work, the dream book predicts.

The interpretation of the dream in which you forgot where you live, but still try to remember, is not particularly pleasing: you are trying to return what has already been lost forever.

If you dreamed that you read the address written down in a notepad, you understand that it is familiar to you, but you do not remember what it is located there? This vision suggests that you are not communicating with the people you need. Be on the lookout, new friends can firmly set you up. Be especially cautious if you see in a dream that something is interfering with reading the address normally: spilled ink, spilled water, a torn sheet, etc.

Separately, it is worth considering plots in which you dreamed that you hear some statements addressed to you, dream books advise. So, for example, hearing admiration or applause in your honor is a sign of a desire to stand out. Do you like hearing how you are presented with applause in a dream? The desire to be noticed is dictated by common sense and some far-reaching plans. But if you see in a dream that you don’t want to hear any praise, it means that you are trying to show yourself off more for shocking rather than for something useful.

Dreams in which you happened to hear swearing in your address have a different meaning, the dream books say. If you dreamed that you heard complaints, swearing at you, this is a sign that someone needs you.

    When interpreting what the address symbolizes in a dream, one should not ignore Miller’s predictions. So, for example, according to this interpreter, if you dreamed that you:
  • Write down large numbers of the address in a notebook - remember the number you wrote;
  • You can’t find the building you need in a dream - moving to a new place of residence;
  • Dictating your address - pleasant and useful acquaintances and contacts;
  • You see the building number, but don’t find the street name — pleasant surprises await you.
  • Trying to find an address in a foreign city on your own - good prospects.

Reading an address book in a dream portends that many of your desires will not come true. Some dreambooks think that if you've looked at the address book in person, expect an addition to your family.

If you stumbled upon a familiar name in the address book: soon you will have to forget about an old dream, because you will be convinced of its ephemeral nature and the impossibility of its execution.

Sergii Haranenko
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