Ball Dance Dream Meaning

Most interpreters of dreams believe that the ball seen in a dream is a symbol of joy, fun and good mood. But it also happens that dreams about balls and proms do not predict very pleasant events, and sometimes even sad ones. Let's figure out what the dance evening means in a dream, in which cases it promises us entertainment, and in which it promises problems.

If you dream of your own prom at which everyone is beautiful and wearing fancy clothes - there will come a “white streak” soon, Miller's dream book promises.

If you had a dream about your child’s graduation party – this is a promise of a pleasant evening in a pleasant company.

Hearing pleasant music in a school hall in a dream or playing it yourself - you will become the one who arranges a meeting of old friends or classmates, though for this you will have to abandon all your affairs.

Feeling insecure in the company of dancing graduates in a dream – means you take criticism too close, although people just want to help you, the Spring Dream book reassures.

To play a wind instrument in a masquerade ball in a dream - in reality, you will become the instigator of the conflict, expressing yourself not quite correctly about someone, Miss Hasse prophesied.

If you had a dream in which you put on a ridiculous costume for the ball dance and made yourself a laughing stock in a dream - you are hiding unpleasant truth about yourself from others.

If you have a dream that no one pays attention to you among a large number of people in fancy dresses, since you are in everyday clothes – this plot means you spend time on people who are not worthy of your attention in real life.

If you dreamed that you choose a partner for a masquerade dance, but he refuses to dance with you – this is a symbol of your disappointment in friendship, because in a difficult moment someone from those whom you considered a friend will not come for help.

Seeing yourself in a dream at a Satan’s Ball among devils and demons - be careful, you may run into problems, the Moon Dream Book warns.

To gather for a ball dedicated to Voland - in reality you will make a decision that will not be correct and will not bring you the expected result. You should better consult someone when making an important decision.

Seeing yourself in a dream at a satanist’s ball being completely naked – is a symbol of a disease, the Autumn Dream Book predicts.

To see a dream in which you drink blood from a glass at a satanic party – means you will become a cause of trouble for your family members.

If you dream that you are going to a social event and choose what to wear - you will soon face a difficult choice, but will intuitively make the right choice that will bring you success, the Female Dream Book predicts.

If dreamed that you won first prize at the New Year's costumes competition and you were invited to play the main role in the New Year's performance - everything that you planned to fulfill very soon and will bring you joy.

In a dream, you are going to a ball and learning a dance - in real life an unforgettable walk with a person with whom you have mutual sympathy awaits you.

To see yourself as the queen or the king of the ball/prom - your happiness will be unlimited, surprises, gifts, fulfillment of desires are waiting for you, the Eastern Dream Book is pleasing.

Sergii Haranenko
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