Drinking Blood Dream Meaning

People who happen to drink blood in a dream need support and attention in reality. Some dream books associate the dreamed action with emotional discomfort, the dreamer's longing for someone. What makes you see such a dream can reflect the attempts of a sleeping person to play a dishonest game in business or on a love front.

    In order not to be mistaken in interpretation of dreams about drinking blood, the Modern combined dream book suggests recalling a vessel in which there was a bloody liquid. So:
  • Drinking blood from a wineglass – is a sign of temporary and empty entertainment;
  • Trying blood from a glass – predicts welfare gained with the help of other people’s work;
  • Sipping blood from a bowl – you will have love grieves or joys;
  • Drinking blood from a shot glass – is a sign of scandal at home.

If you dreamed that you tasted your own blood, this means that your growing conceit can cause bitter disappointments. Voluntarily giving your blood to another person, predicts the loss of vitality, mental strength.

Seeing a vampire biting or drinking blood warns by Aesop's dream book about the loss of values. Perhaps the current situation in reality requires a different approach. Another explanation of what the vampire story is about is given by the Noble Dream Interpreter. The dream vision promises a successful resolution of the long-tormented issue, receiving forgotten debt, reconciliation with a friend.

If you dreamed that you see yourself in the role of a vampire, this plot means that you should listen to your own health. Another explanation of why this image is seen can be found in the 21st century dream book. So, sucking blood from a stranger warns of the sleeping man’s wastefulness, his biased assessment of the circumstances that arise, which threatens financial losses.

Seeing how vampire creatures dig into the neck of another person portends an unexpected realization of bold hopes and expectations. Your most serious fears will be dispelled soon.

A man who happened to drink the blood of his girlfriend in a dream should think about the goals that he pursues in a love relationship with the character. Keep in mind that your mercantile interests in relationship will bring only trouble and disappointment.

Offering your blood fluid to a girl in a dream testifies to the dreamer's serious intentions. However, the dreamer's doubts about the mutuality of the beloved do not allow him taking a step forward.

To sip a bloody drink presented by a man portends for a girl a threat to succumb to someone else's influence, which will result in anxiety, dissatisfaction with oneself. Sometimes the interpretation of dream indicates the dreamer's emotional disharmony caused by an internal contradiction to the framework and rules established by the public.

According to psychologist Miller, any "bloody" dreams are a kind of warning of danger. So, to drink blood in a dream, says by dream interpreter about the intentions of ill-wishers to harm the dreamer. If the blood drink belonged to the dreamer, then, as the dream book advises, be careful when buying real estate or selling your own property.

Sergii Haranenko
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