Interpretation Of A Dream About Bathroom

Dreams of bathroom indicate hidden emotions and worries, usually associated with the intimate behavior of a person in whose real life there is an acute moral overload and the need for solitude.

As the Modern dream book defines, a bathroom means the need for spiritual purification. You may feel guilty about someone, and it takes time to analyze the situation and find ways to fix the error.

Clogged water supply symbolizes the inability to cope with the excess of feelings that engulfed you in reality.

According to the classic dream book, a pipe break in the bathroom, and then as a consequence, flood means that you are overwhelmed with emotions that you cannot control on your own.

According to the Latest dream book, a bath tub can be seen both full and empty. An empty bath in a dream is a symbol of incompleteness, the emptiness of your real life. This is the cause of many troubles, discontent with others and oneself. And it is only within the power of man himself to “fill the reservoir” - that is, to change something in order to direct the process of life towards a favorable course of current affairs.

A bathroom with clean water promises success in business, health and longevity, if the water is muddy, dirty - get ready for difficulties, financial problems, short illness.

A dream does not carry any special predictions, although it cannot be ignored, it openly indicates the need for a good rest.

For a young man to dream that he is taking a bath, according to Miller’s dreambook, means heartfelt feelings associated with a loved one and fear of losing his confidence.

For a woman expecting a baby, such a dream is a warning, a reminder of caution in everyday life. For a married man - the possibility of adultery. Dirty water – indicates that evil is near; clean and cold - excellent health and happiness. If you are going to wash not alone, then you should beware of slander and unpleasant companions on the road.

To take a bath from which water leaves means that you lack faith in your strength. A person taking a bath with aromatic oils considers himself an esthete, although perhaps this is far from real in reality. Apparently, it is worth taking a look at yourself from the side and evaluate yourself more critically.

A bath with foam in a dream - it is advisable to think about relationships with others and be more careful in statements, do not trust the promises and assurances of people with a dubious reputation.

In the Esoteric dream book - to see the bath - you were surrounded by worries. To lie in the bathtub means to be at ease, but you should beware of habits of idleness.

Why does one dream of a bathroom in Tsvetkov’s dream book? An empty bathtub - to disappointment, failure, illness; full – is a sign of success.

The dream book says: the situation cannot be corrected, it is necessary to accept it as it is, if there is a desire to cleanse or remove the “stone” from the soul - the best way to go to church, or read a prayer, think about something clean and good.

The Modern dream book warns - hot water in the bathtub – is a sign of scandals and conflicts around you and the hotter the water, the greater the scandal and the outcome of the case is not in your favor. If you are caught in the bathroom in clothes, expect a lot of unpleasant events. And vice versa, if you take pleasure in taking a bath - expect joy, wealth, good news.

The clean bathroom according to Freud's dream book symbolizes sexual irresistibility. Bathing for a woman means a desire to become pregnant and portends the imminent fulfillment of this desire.

Sergii Haranenko
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