Interpretation Of A Dream About Cold Water

Most often, the water seen in a dream portends some events that will rapidly enter the dreamer's life. And if you dreamed of cold water, then you should think about whether everything happens as you would like it to in your life. None of the dream books can give an unambiguous answer to what the icy water dreams of, since everything is decided by the details.

    A lot of interpretations of a dream, in which there is cold water, can be found in Miller’s dream book.
  • walking barefoot on ice – you will loose peace because of fleeting joys;
  • showering yourself with ice-cold water – spiritual purification; you may get rid of something that is bothering you;
  • sailing on a boat on a lake and seeing ice floes around – someone from your surrounding only pretends to like you;
  • someone poured icy water over you – you will hear some unpleasant news;
  • sinking in an ice-hole – sign of disease.

Did you have a dream that you are swimming in an icy lake? This means that you are not afraid of anything. Swimming in water with ice and experiencing cheerfulness at the same time - you will not be confused in difficult times and will be able to make the right decision. But if you were swimming in a dream and felt a wild cold - it is better to refrain from making any decisions.

Diving into the sea in a dream in winter - you will subdue someone with your determination. But jumping into the ice pool means that you will not hesitate to defend your friends in a controversial moment, the Eastern Dream Book predicts.

A dream of crawling into ice water for a bet means someone decides to test your determination and willpower. If you climbed into the ice in a dream and it was easy for you - you can win this confrontation.

Did you dream that friends persuaded you to plunge into the ice-hole? This is just the case when your loss in the dispute can help you, prompting decisive action, the dream book of Pastor Loff states.

Falling into a winter pond in a dream and swimming among the ice floes in anticipation of help is a sign of unexpected problems that will fall on you one by one, the Moon dreambook predicts. If in a dream you can swim, this means you will be able to deal with your troubles. It is worse if you dreamed that you were numb so much that you can’t swim. This dream bodes pretty big trouble.

To fall into the ice-hole and drown - be very attentive to your health, injuries and accidents are possible, the Gypsy dream book suggests.

Many people are interested in knowing the meaning of a dream of watching cold water in a river. If the water in the river was dark or cloudy, then this promises doubts, making some important decision. Moreover, this indecision is not unfounded. To dream that the water in the river is clean and transparent - do not hesitate, everything will work out as it should.

To see that the water in the lake is so clean that you can see the bottom means you will defeat your own fears and complexes.

Anyone who dreamed that he is taking shower, from which cold water is coming, should think about his behavior with loved ones. The dreamer is too harsh and cold with his family, and their relationship may suffer. But washing your hair with cold water means that the person who dreamed of such a thing is too prudent.

Dreams that you are forced to drink cold water means the dreamer will be surrounded by honest people. But if you had to drink cold milk - beware of gossip.

Washing your face with cool water is a symbol of insight. Anyone who sees this in a dream can be sure that no one will deceive him. And to wash in cold water is a sign of one’s own openness and honesty, the Slavic dream book predicts.

Sergii Haranenko
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