Interpretation Of A Dream About Taking A Bath

Were you lucky to take a bath in a dream? You will certainly find success in love. However, the dream book insists: this is not the only option for what such a pleasant plot means in a dream. Perhaps you need to "wash off" from something bad, or just leave some unseemly business?

Miller's dream book has its own opinion on this. If you dreamed that you were basking in the bath, this means your chosen one will deliver a lot of worries. For a married dreamer to see a similar image – is a sign of betrayal of the spouse; for a pregnant woman - to a difficult birth.

Why do we dream about taking a bath most often? The dream interpretation predicts success in business against the backdrop of setbacks on the amorous front and advises you to think through your every move carefully.

If you dreamed that someone lathers your back, you risk becoming an object for spiteful conversations. And gossip can dissolve pretty close people.

Seeing that you are rubbing yourself hard with a washcloth in the bath literally means that you will have to correct the mistakes and failures made earlier.

What else does it mean if you are lucky to take a bath in a dream? The dream interpretation considers this image rather controversial. The interpretation of a dream in this case depends on the place where you washed.

For example, basking in the workplace – symbolizes difficulties in partnerships or team. Had a dream that you swam at home? Perhaps you will be arguing with someone from the household.

If you took water procedures in the lap of nature, it is vital for you to take a break from everyday worries. To see the bath in another, no less unusual, but pleasant place - to spiritual rebirth and purification.

    For better understanding of the plot, the dream book recommends recalling exactly what kind of a bath you happened to take in a dream:
  • Cold – great health;
  • Hot bath – illness;
  • Bath with blood – accident, tragedy;
  • Bath with foam – do not believe the promises;
  • With salt – scandal;
  • Bath with champagne – running away from routine;
  • With flowers petals – love affair;
  • Bath with healing herbs – welfare.

I dreamed that you sank into relatively hot and foamy water? The dream interpretation believes that you will meet an old friend and enjoy talking to him soon.

Taking a bath with pleasantly smelling aromatic oils in a dream means that you are overly passionate about your own personality and often forget about the needs of others.

What is the meaning of a dream about washing in cool water? It calls to understand the chaos reigning inside. If the water was excessively foamy and soapy, then you should refuse to participate in a suspicious scam, even if you are promised a myriad of profits.

Why do you dream about having to take a bath with a man? The dream book prophesies: you will fall in love without looking back. But the future romance does not yet have a final ending and may end quite unexpectedly.

It is not good for a male dreamer to bathe with a man in a dream. This is a sign that conceived plans will be destroyed by the fault of a partner or assistant.

If you dreamed that you were bathing with a man, but all the water flowed out of the bathtub, alas, this particular character will cause your insecurity. Perhaps you believe in illusion, not in a real person.

Sergii Haranenko
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