Black Eyes Dream Meaning

The dreambooks call black eyes seen in a dream the symbol of disappointments and problems. This sign promises big troubles, obstacles, deception, hypocrisy. Having seen them in a dream, one must prepare to withstand adverse circumstances.

If you happened to see black eyes without pupils, the dreambooks advise to pay attention to who they belonged to - this friend or acquaintance will soon need the help of a dreamer.

If the dreamer himself had black eyes without pupils, this image means he is deprived of the opportunity to navigate in life correctly, to assess the situation. He feels helpless, confused.

A person with angry black eyes represents danger. Seeing such person in a dream means: you will become a victim of the evil eye or witchcraft.

Seeing tears running from black eyes is a forerunner of hope for a better future, more favorable circumstances than now.

A person with beautiful black eyes promises changes or getting a business offer that may seem tempting.

To dream of completely black eyes is the forerunner of unpleasant events, troubles, great difficulties that will happen very soon.

Completely black eyes when the blackness spread even on the white of the eye warn about troubles that will be difficult to resist.

The look of black eyes in a dream doesn’t promise anything good. Complications, obstacles in business, minor losses can begin.

Feeling such look means close attention of competitors. Therefore, you need to carefully plan your businesses and actions - to prevent them from using your ideas.

Heavy look of black eyes of the deceased person predicts serious illnesses, lack of money, unhappiness where you do not expect them at all.

If you dreamed of seeing the black eyes of your ex-wife means: she will ask for help; and this can turn into considerable problems.

Putting makeup on black eyes in a dream is considered a symbol of lies. Dark tones, i.e. black eye shadows are especially unfavorable. Applying such eye shadows means gathering untruth around yourself. The time will come - and the lie will come crashing down, seriously harming you.

Dreams about black-eyed people make it clear that you are surrounded by hypocrisy. Take a closer look at your friends to understand who is sincere and who is not.

    Dreams interpretations may vary depending on who had black eyes in your dream:
  • people - beware of offers from fake buddies;
  • kitten with black eyes - a violation of a business contract, scandal;
  • black-eyed child - possible deception;
  • a small girl - behind a harmless facade of a situation very unpleasant things are covered;
  • a young girl with black eyes means slyness, flattery, misinformation;
  • woman - gossip and slander will damage your reputation.

Also, a child with black eyes in a dream promises the emergence of big problems from seemingly minor trifles. A black-eyed girl is a sign that an attractive business can turn into losses. Boy - wait for unpleasant news.

Itchy eyes omens and beliefs.

Sergii Haranenko
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