What does it mean when your eye itches?

So much has already been written and rewritten about various popular beliefs - sometimes you even wonder how much time our ancestors spent on analyzing various sensations and the events that occur after them! And how many variations of the interpretation of itching in one particular part of the body exist! Today we continue talking about superstitions, and the topic of the article will be the sign “itchy eye: omens and superstitions”.

When shouldn’t you trust the sign?

To begin with, it is worth saying that the sign “eye itches” will not always mean something, since such an itch may well be caused by medical reasons. Why do we sometimes experience such feelings? The most common cause is eye strain after prolonged work at a computer, prolonged reading of an e-book, or many hours of surfing the web from a tablet or smartphone.

In second place is the simple contamination of the eye, when some hair, grain of sand or other small foreign body gets inside it. Quite often, the eyes itch from allergies, but in this case, the itching is usually accompanied by a runny nose, sneezing, or the release of tears. More serious causes of discomfort in this area can be infectious diseases (for example, conjunctivitis) or improperly selected glasses, contact lenses. By the way, wearing the latter for too long can also cause quite severe itching. If you are sure that the eye was itching not for a medical reason, then you can already proceed to the description of the signs “the right eye itches” by day of the week and time of day.

On what day of the week did you feel the eye itch?

If your eye was itching on Monday, you can expect reconciliation with the person with whom you recently had a fight. If you didn’t have a quarrel with anyone, this omen means that just good news, small joys await you. One can say that this will be the day on which everything planned will definitely come true, and you can not be afraid of disruption of plans and serious troubles. The sign “the right eye itches” on Monday can also mean the restoration of relations with a loved one for a girl, of course if she broke up with him not so long ago.

Tuesday is considered not a very good day for eye itching. Such eye itching portends quarrels, conflicts, bad mood. If you have planned an important meeting or a serious matter on the second day of the week, and your right eye has been itching in the morning, it is better to postpone the solution of these issues to another time.

Itching of the right eye in the middle of the week (on Wednesday) promises a coming trip. It can be an unplanned business trip, a trip to nature with friends, a vacation trip, or just a lot of time spent on the road. By the way, it is believed that if you received an offer to go somewhere after the itching of your right eye, you should definitely agree, because the trip will bring important positive changes to your life. However, sometimes the sign “the right eye itches on Wednesday” also speaks of the path taken by someone towards you: maybe guests will come from afar or a good friend will be passing through your city and offer you to meet.

What does it mean when your right eye itches on Thursday? This omen predicts fun, laughter, good mood, but if you wish to scratch your right eye on Friday, this suggests that you will find a thing that you recently lost very soon. It can be an ornament, some small thing, or even a sum of money (if, of course, you dropped a large bill by negligence not so long ago).

Saturday itch in the right eye promises adventures of a love nature, dates, romantic walks or dinner alone with your loved one. And if the right eye itches on Sunday, this is a sign of a fateful meeting or the beginning of a serious romance.

At what time of day did your right eye itch?

You can clarify the prediction of signs if you paid attention to time. If the right eyelid itches in the morning - expect pleasant events, the implementation of the plans made for the day. If this happened during the day, you are on the right track, and all the decisions you made will turn out to be correct. Evening itching of the right eye – predicts the end of the black stripe, if your right eye itches at night or before bedtime – this means you will have a good rest.

What does it mean if your left eye itches?

The interpretation of the sign “the left eye itches” also depends on the day of the week, but, alas, it does not have any clarifications by the time of day. Itching of the left eye on Monday - predicts good events related to the relationship between you and your loved ones: relatives, friends, love partner; left eyes itching on Tuesday – this predicts joyful events, good luck in all endeavors. If the left eyelid itches on Wednesday, you will soon have a date or a meeting with your soul mate if you are still single.

Thursday is the worst day for itch in the left eye. An itchy eye at this time promises coming tears, but, alas, it is impossible to predict in advance what exactly the chagrin will be caused by. Maybe you will be upset by frustrated plans, bad news, deception of a loved one, intrigues of work colleagues. By the way, esotericists advise to be more careful while driving if the left eyelid itches on this particular day of the week right when you were driving.

Friday itching in the left eye portends the end of separation, if an important person for you is far away now, as well as a meeting with someone from your relatives. But the sign “the left eye itches” on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) - predicts improvement of the financial situation. Receiving a bonus, returning an old debt, winning the lottery, or just a random find of money - all this may well happen to you over the next few days.

Of course, it is not worth perceiving folk signs as something inevitable, because each of us is the creator of our own destiny. If you want to neutralize a bad prediction, just don't think about it. The fewer negative thoughts in your head, the less likely you are to get into difficult situations in life.

Sergii Haranenko

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