Ex-wife Dream Meaning

The majority of dreambooks state that you can see your ex wife in a dream if this woman you used to care about still takes a big part of your thoughts. Such dreams always mean that you still have feelings for her.

Seeing sex with your ex wife is always a sign that you want to make love to this woman again. If you know for sure that these feelings are mutual, nothing restrains you from showing initiative. It is possible that your decision about divorce was too hasty. But if either of you has a new family already, you should better restrain your feelings because this connection will not bring anything good now.

Some dreambooks think that sex with your ex wife is a precursor of new love adventures. If you had a dream about passionate sex with your ex, you should be ready for a number of sensual pleasures.

Aesops’s dreambook considers that repeated plots about sex with your ex wife predict love affair with a woman whom you perceived only as a friend.

A dream about your ex wife’s pregnancy can be explained by your remorse towards her; maybe you have done something that is still causing her troubles. You should forget about misunderstandings and help the person you used to care about. A pregnant ex wife in a dream can also be a warning about some danger. The dreamer might have an unfavorable period in life. You should not worry: you will be able to overcome all the troubles and will have a lot of pleasant surprises in future.

If you were the father of the future child in a dream and felt worried and doubts about fatherhood, this plot shows your uncertainty in real life. Your business partner’s offer or need to make the choice will make you quite anxious. The main thing is not to take hasty decisions, you should evaluate all the risks.

If your ex wife was giving birth in your dream, you should get ready for the new period in your personal life. You will mostly probable meet a new person and your relations will turn into a strong and long lasting love union.

A happy pregnant ex wife is a dream can be a sign of restoring your relations; you may even get married for the second time. Reunion is not really possible if your pregnant ex was seen near another man in your dream.

If you woke up very worried after seeing a dream about your ex wife hugging another man, this means that your feelings for this woman haven’t cooled down yet. Eastern dreambook thinks that such dream can be seen before appearance of a secret enemy in your life. There is possibility that this ill-wisher is a person whom you now consider your friend. This interpretation becomes more exact if you see this person making love to your ex. Such plot also can mean breaking all the connections with your former family.

According to Miller, if you see your ex wife having sex with a man you don’t know, this can be a warning that your own personal life is in danger. Ignoring the problems in relations can lead to separating.

A dream quarrel with your ex wife is a reflection of your misunderstandings and conflicts in real life. It may be difficult for you to find compromise about raising children or property division, for example. If you often see scandals with your ex, it is better to talk to her sincerely; she may be offended because of something.

A fight with your ex wife is a negative sign that you should take seriously; hitting women in a dream in an unfavorable symbol. Mostly probably you feel anger or fury towards her in real life. You should try forgiving former offends because this influences you badly.

A fight with your ex wife can also be a precursor of conflicts at work, you should even be ready for getting fired.

Kissing your ex wife means you miss your relations a lot. But you should not count for reunion with this woman, this will not happen.

If you saw your ex wife’s wedding with a handsome man means you will break all connections with your former family.

If you were communicating with her in a kind way, without any awkwardness or hard feelings is a symbol of new love adventures. Your personal life will be successful even without any efforts from your side.

If your ex wife was crying in your dream, you should not be worried about her: she is happy in real life.

If you had a dream that you are together again is a symbol proving that you have good friendly relations as civilized people now.

Sergii Haranenko
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