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Interpretation of a dream about breastfeeding

Many women are afraid of losing milk after the birth of the baby; in this case, breastfeeding in a dream can act as an indicator of this fear.

A dream about breastfeeding a baby can symbolize appearance of a new person in your life who will change it. Usually such a dream is a good sign; to see in a dream how a mother breastfeeds her baby means favorable changes in life and the opportunity to fulfill what is intended.

To breastfeed in a dream is a symbol of a happy marriage and healthy children; such dream can also indicate some kind of need.

A dream in which you saw a man sucking your breast, foreshadows that he might take possession of your property in reality. Such dream also foreshadows you that you may be accused of immoral behavior in reality.

If an ill woman was breastfeeding a baby in her dream, this is a symbol of soon recovery.

According to Miller’s dreambook, breastfeeding or seeing another woman breastfeeding means that there are favorable conditions to fulfill your plans and the opportunities provided.

Miller states that seeing a mother breastfeeding in a dream predicts marriage and many children in reality.

If you dreamed how you are breastfeeding, it means that your dreams will come true in the near future.

For a pregnant girl, a dream in which she is breastfeeding a baby foreshadows a quick and easy labor in reality.

A dream in which you see your breasts dirty or stained, predicts the appearance of a rival in reality or failure in a love relationship; most likely you will be disappointed in your partner.

A dream in which your admirer stares at your breasts means that in reality you will give way to someone's persistent courtship.

If a man saw a dream about sucking woman’s breast in a dream, this is a sign that her needs to change something in his life.

Often a dream in which you are breastfeeding personifies strongly marked maternal instinct in reality, and it shows itself in relationships not only with children, but also with men.

Breastfeeding someone else’s child in a dream predicts ingratitude and meanness from people whom you have repeatedly tried to help.

A dream in which you have no milk, and you hired a nursing woman for your baby, foreshadows that you will be offended or hurt in reality.

To breastfeed in a public place foreshadows that your innermost desires will become known to others, therefore be careful in your revelations.