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Interpretation of a dream about baby-girl

The person who had a dream about baby-girl has good chances to declare about himself and show himself only on the positive side soon. If you saw both a boy and a girl in a dream, this plot is a reminder to take care of your health both physically and morally. If the children are healthy and joyful in a dream, it means that there will be prosperity and well-being in work and family life.

If the baby-girl was sitting on your laps, this image means you will have to put a lot of efforts in order to achieve the goals that you set. If the child was joyful, success in your endeavor is guaranteed. If the girl was sad, this is a sign that your friends and family are lacking your attention.

To give birth to a baby-girl in a dream promises a happy and comfortable future. Also, such a dream is interpreted by dreambooks as the imminent onset of new and unexpected love relationships, which in fact will be happy and may end in a wedding. To give birth to a baby-girl in a dream means the end of all adversities that have fallen on your head.

For a woman, a newborn girl in a dream promises aggravations of the feminine in her - there will be a wish to put on a dress, heels; emotions and feelings will intensify. Such a dream seen by a man promises the birth of real feelings for a woman; he will want to behave with her as a real gentleman.

A newborn girl can also be a promise of a very pleasant surprise. If she is looking into your eyes, this is a sign that you are surrounded by loving and caring people. This dream can also predict a happy marriage with a man whom you will meet soon.

A beautiful little girl, who looks like a doll is a symbol of some wonderful event. If a woman who desperately wants to have a baby saw such a dream, this can be a promise of coming pregnancy.

Seeing a girl in a dream is a positive sign. If seen by a pregnant woman, this is a promise of easy labor. For people working for the same company for a long time, this dream can bring promotion; for a woman looking for her prince – acquaintance with the husband-to-be.

According to Miller, such a dream promises joy, prosperity and happiness. If a mother sees her child a little sick in a dream, this image promises strong health of her baby. Communicating, talking with the baby in the dream promises book a speedy financial well-being; you will soon create your own small enterprise, which will bring good profit.

Seeing a crying baby in a dream is an alarming sign that may portend deterioration in well-being.