Dream Of Having A Baby-Girl Spiritual Meaning.

Biblical meaning of dreams about having a baby-girl.

Did you see dreams about having a baby girl? The person who had a dream about baby-girl has good chances to declare about himself and show himself only on the positive side soon. Baby-girl means wealth and a joyful event in the family. Besides that, such a dream promises good mood and understanding in the family.

If you saw both a boy and a girl in a dream, this plot is a reminder to take care of your health both physically and morally. If the children are healthy and joyful in a dream, it means that there will be prosperity and well-being in work and family life.

Tsvetkov's dreambook associates a dream about baby-girl with the welfare that awaits a person who has seen her, but if the baby girl is dirty or naked, this plot foreshadows worries, and even the hassle that will appear in the near future.

In the same interpreter, you can find an explanation for a plot, in which the mother takes care of the newborn baby-girl; it is deciphered as a dream, foreshadowing the health of both her and the child.

Seeing a baby-girl in a stroller may symbolize a trip abroad with friends.

Dreaming about two baby-girls indicates the need to make a difficult decision. Seeing three little girls - predicts deception on the part of a loved one; many baby-girls - the need to find an additional source of income.

If you dreamed that a friend was adopting a newborn girl with long hair, this means that in reality one would meet a two-faced person.

Seeing a baby-girl in the crib - promises an easy solution to problems.

According to Sigmund Freud, such a dream predicts a lack of attention and care from close friends and relatives.

What kind of baby-girl did you see in a dream?

  • beautiful baby-girl - a long-awaited vacation;
  • baby-girl crapping her pants - a prize;
  • someone else's baby-girl - the cooling of feelings for a loved one;
  • your baby daughter - concern about her safety;
  • baby-girl sleeping - fatigue from routine work;
  • baby-girl crying - may mean grief in the family;
  • baby-girl who is not alive anymore (deceased baby-girl) - a strong shock.

A baby girl, having fun playing in clear water is a promise of coming joys, but if she is sad or crying, and you see it, and don’t know why this is happening, then the dream warns that someone has a grudge against you. Take a closer look at your own environment.

The French dreambook warns that if a crying baby girl was seen in a dream, you should be examined by doctors, it is likely that the disease has settled in the body, and the sooner you start to fight with it, the better the result is guaranteed.

Seeing a crying baby-girl in a dream is also an alarming sign that may portend deterioration in well-being.

But a sick baby girl in your arms is a slightly more negative dream, suggesting that you will face anxiety, sadness or blues. Eastern dreambook even warns of the possibility of disease.

What is meaning of a dream of a little girl whose face expresses complete pleasure? This promises anticipation of some kind of controversy and intrigue, but an untidy and disheveled little girl in your dream is a bad sign, foreshadowing trouble, and the collapse of plans.

A beautiful little girl, who looks like a doll is a symbol of some wonderful event. If a woman who desperately wants to have a baby saw such a dream, this can be a promise of coming pregnancy.

Seeing a baby-girl in white clothes promises a good change in personal life.

A dream in which a loved one brings a baby girl with flaws on her face into the house promises a change in life priorities.

A baby girl with white eyes may speak of breaking plans.

What were you doing with the baby-girl in a dream?

  • holding a baby girl in your arms - the support of loved ones;
  • feeding her - food poisoning;
  • bathing a baby-girl - the dreamer's unsuccessful attempt to correct his own mistakes;
  • babysitting a baby-girl - the emergence of additional responsibilities at work;
  • seeing how she smiles - success;
  • giving a newborn girl to her mother - charity;
  • seeing a friend kissing a baby girl - the envy of competitors;
  • washing a newborn girl in warm water - the need to care for a family member;
  • hugging a baby-girl - sign of joy;
  • dressing her - receiving an expensive gift;
  • saving a little girl - working on a large project;
  • carrying her in your arms - uncertainty in your personal life;
  • playing with her - prosperity;
  • baby-girl lying in bed - rest;
  • seeing a relative hugging a baby girl - buying valuables;
  • walking with a newborn niece - improving your well-being;
  • kissing a pretty newborn girl on the lips - getting out of a difficult situation;
  • adopting a baby-girl - unwillingness to correct mistakes;
  • seeing how a baby girl wetted herself - a decrease in income.

A dream in which a baby girl crapped her pants can promise a risk of being in an awkward situation.

Finding a baby-girl in your dream is a symbol of chance for an incredible event that you even didn't expect, the Eastern dreambook thinks.

The death of a baby girl in dream speaks of emotional burnout. The funeral of a newborn girl who was in a white dress warns of the beginning of a period of failure. Seeing a baby in a coffin - predicts deterioration in health.

A dream in which a newborn girl grabbed your neck and does not let go can promises serious problems and difficulties in business.

If the baby-girl was sitting on your laps, this image means you will have to put a lot of efforts in order to achieve the goals that you set. If the child was joyful, success in your endeavor is guaranteed. If the girl was sad, this is a sign that your friends and family are lacking your attention.

A dream in which a stranger is talking to a newborn girl portends financial instability.

Giving birth to a baby-girl in a dream promises a happy and comfortable future. Also, such a dream is interpreted by dreambooks as the imminent onset of new and unexpected love relationships, which in fact will be happy and may end in a wedding. To give birth to a baby-girl in a dream means the end of all adversities that have fallen on your head.

A dream in which a newborn peed on an adult woman may portend litigation.

Interpretation of having a baby-girl depending on dreamer.

For a woman, a newborn girl in a dream promises aggravations of the feminine in her - there will be a wish to put on a dress, heels; emotions and feelings will intensify. Such a dream seen by a man promises the birth of real feelings for a woman; he will want to behave with her as a real gentleman.

A newborn girl can also be a promise of a very pleasant surprise. If she is looking into your eyes, this is a sign that you are surrounded by loving and caring people. This dream can also predict a happy marriage with a man whom you will meet soon.

Seeing a baby-girl in a dream is a positive sign. If seen by a pregnant woman, this is a promise of easy labor. For people working for the same company for a long time, this dream can bring promotion; for a woman looking for her prince – acquaintance with the husband-to-be.

According to Miller, such a dream promises joy, prosperity and happiness. If a mother sees her child a little sick in a dream, this image promises strong health of her baby. Communicating, talking with the baby in the dream promises book a speedy financial well-being; you will soon create your own small enterprise, which will bring good profit.

If a baby girl is seen in a dream of a young woman, it promises her concern for her own children, or pleasant news from loved ones. The same dream, but for a guy, can be a harbinger of a meeting with long-forgotten relatives or friends.

What does it mean if a man is dreaming about baby girl? If the male dreamer saw a baby girl, this, according to the dream book, promises him some loss, however, insignificant, especially if he brought the baby into the house.

If a woman was breastfeeding a girl in a dream, she should get ready for some pleasant news in reality.

What does a dream of someone else's baby girl mean? If a child is happy and having fun, it means the appearance of a lover in your life. If someone else's baby-girl is crying, this means bad news from a business partner or from relatives.

A baby-girl in a dream can mean a new hobby or even romance for a woman. Seeing your grown-up daughter as a baby-girl in your dream is a symbol of new peculiarities in your relations with her.

    Who saw a newborn girl in a dream? Brief meanings.
  • pregnant woman dreams of a baby-girl - the birth of a healthy daughter;
  • a woman who already has a child - fatigue from the monotony in life;
  • unmarried woman - possible pregnancy;
  • married woman - improving relationships with family members;
  • dream of baby-girl for a man - replenishment in the family.

Does having a baby-girl in a dream mean something bad?

  • Nursing a newborn ugly girl in dreams speaks of a nervous breakdown and prolonged depression.
  • Telling her that she is the best - predicts an unpleasant conversation with relatives about money.
  • Watching a baby-girl sleep means a lack of attention from loved ones.
  • Left newborn twin-girls - the betrayal of a partner.
  • Seeing a dead baby-girl is a sign of danger.

What are the good signs that dreaming of a baby-girl brings?

  • Putting a newborn girl to bed promises a quiet life and harmonious relationships with a loved one.
  • Giving her a pacifier - means financial assistance from the parents.
  • Dressing up a baby-girl means a long-awaited purchase.
  • Blond newborn twin-girls - a new romantic relationship.
  • Redhead baby-girl - winning the dispute.
Sergii Haranenko
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