Broken Glass In The Mouth Dream Meaning

The plot about broken glass in the mouth is regarded by the dream book as a warning. The image in a dream is identified with sharp words that can inadvertently come from the mouth of the sleeping person or sound in his address. If you happened to see something like that, try to keep your mouth shut, not take offensive speech too close to your heart and check the information.

Explaining why the broken glass in the mouth appears in a dream, Miller's dream book clarifies that during this period it is very easy to earn a reputation as an idle talker. The temptation to make a promise or share unverified facts is extraordinarily high. What has been said will be perceived immediately as a guide to actions, with the consequences of which the dreamer will be reproached for a long time.

The dreambooks of all times and peoples sometimes offer unexpected explanations of why a broken, razor-sharp glass is seen in such an inappropriate place in dreams. Freud's dream book warns of an increased likelihood of squabbles and urges not to participate in them.

When you happen to see yourself chewing a saucer or window broken into small fragments in a dream, the Muslim dream book reminds you of respect for your opponent. Now it is desirable to be extremely courteous, even during the most heated argument.

If in a dream you happened to feel broken glass on your tongue, Hasse's dream book notes that you know firsthand what a powerful weapon a strong word can be, and you often use it.

    Some interpretations of why broken glass appears in your mouth in a dream take into account your reaction: whether you dreamed that you decided to use such a "treat" of the subconscious for food or chose to get rid of it.
  • Swallowing glass fragments in a dream happens to those who often deal with something unacceptable;
  • Eating glass symbolizes news that cannot be ignored;
  • Spitting out sharp pieces of glass happens to bouncers who fall into their own nets not the first time;
  • Did you dream that you ate only a part of glass scatters? The risk of a fatal mistake is high;
  • Did you have a dream about sharp glasses flying out of your mouth? Harmless flirting will hurt your heart;
  • Inedible objects stuck in the throat in a dream promise temporary difficulties in business.

The Esoteric dream book explains in a slightly different way what the symbol means in dreams. The interpretation of a dream concerns personal life and foreshadows both significant events and vivid experiences in the dreamer's fantasies. The main thing is not to confuse them and not to lose your head.

Often the sign that you dreamed about warns of the inevitability of losses. Pay extra attention to the things that are truly valuable.

Very often a split piece in a dream means something that is already in the past and cannot be corrected. In this case, we are talking about what was said in the heat of the moment or, on the contrary, unsaid.

The sensations in a dream personify an unpleasant conversation that the dreamer experiences in his memory over and over again. Sometimes the broken glass in the mouth reflects a long-standing psychological trauma that left its mark on later life.

Often, old and modern predictions include a recipe for neutralizing negative interpretations of what you saw in a dream. One of them is to remember that the forecast covers only a short period, which will soon end and take away the trouble.

In addition, what one dreamed about is a precursor to changes for the better, for the sake of which it makes sense to partially destroy the usual way. Vanga’s dream book claims that a dream in which glass had to be seen as food means protection from magical attacks.

Sergii Haranenko
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