Broken Glass Dream Meaning

Many dreambooks are controversial about interpretation of dreams of broken glass. For example, some interpreters claim that this image promises broken hopes; others believe that to see glass fragments in a dream is a sign of deliverance from invisible but interfering obstacles.

Miller explains the vision in which you see broken glass around you the following way: perhaps you lacked the strength of mind to “spread your wings”, but now you will feel more at ease.

If you happened to break the window in a dream, this shows your unwillingness to obey the situation. But if you come under splinters’ “shower", you should take care of yourself, since such a dream can mean a threat to your reputation.

    The interpretation of a dream about broken glass can vary greatly depending on the item that was broken:
  • broken dishes - family problems;
  • broken figurines - a quarrel with a friend;
  • aquarium is broken - unpleasant conversations, gossip;
  • broken light bulb - someone will put obstacles in your business.

Tsvetkov's dreambook predicts getting rid of invisible control, which brought trouble and difficulty in communicating if the person dreamed that he was breaking the shop window with a hammer.

A dreambook of preacher Loff predicts the achievement of a goal for those who saw how they knocked out a window with their own body in a dream. You should take into consideration that it will be difficult to achieve the desired, despite the apparent simplicity.

If you dreamed that you walked barefoot through broken glass and cut your legs to blood, then you should not hit the road. And if you put a piece of glass in your leg, despite the fact that you went shod, this symbol means that there will be an obstacle in the planned endeavor.

Walking on the glass that covers the floor in the church and feeling how small glass fragments of stained glass, getting into shoes, cut your feet, is a signal that you are somehow deceived, taking a lie for the truth.

If you feel fine glass and dandruff in your hair, this is a sign that brilliant ideas will visit your head. But to drive through fragments of glass is a sign that you are capable of more than you allow others to think about yourself.

Changes in life, and mostly for the better, await those who collected fragments of broken glass in their dream. If you dreamed you were sweeping up the shards and throwing them in the trash, you will have an irresistible craving for internal self-renewal.

According to the Gypsy’s dreambook, if you gathered broken glass fragments that were under your feet but didn’t throw them away, this means you should be careful when choosing friends. The dreamed plot does not exclude acquaintance with a person who intends to subdue the will of a sleeping person.

If you happened to walk on the finely chopped glass, scattered under your feet and not feel pain, this means you can easily reach career peaks, regardless of the machinations of the envious people, Longo states.

Eating broken glass in a dream is a sign of a non-standard approach to solving a problem issue. And if you dreamed that you feel pieces of broken glass mixed with the food you eat in your mouth, this means that you do not mind gossiping about your colleagues. But eating glass fragments for pleasure is a sign that you have a “sharp tongue”.

Sergii Haranenko
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