Broken Knife Dream Meaning

According to Miller’s dreambook, to see a broken knife in a dream means the collapse of all hopes and dreams. It is even worse if you dreamed that you were wounded with a knife the blade of which is broken off. This promises a disease or a painful perception of the situation.

If you fixed a broken knife, such image means the restoration of friendships with a person who is offended by you.

    The dreambook recommend paying attention to what kind of knife was broken in your dream:
  • a dining knife - quarrel with relatives;
  • dirk - promises trouble at work;
  • scalpel - cold not treated in time can cause serious complications;
  • double-sided blade - prophesies a heightened sense of justice;
  • a hunting knife - to worries and anxious waiting.

If you received a broken knife as a gift, the dreambooks recommend thinking whether your behavior is correct. It is likely that you are very aggressive with people, and this prevents you from gaining proper authority.

If you gave someone a broken knife as a present, this is a sign that you are not satisfied with the person’s attitude.

According to Vanga, finding a broken knife in a dream is a symbol of deceit and betrayal. If a young girl dreamed she found a knife with serrations on the blade, she should be more selective in her relations, because this image foreshadows her dishonor and forgetting about a happy marriage.

If you bought a broken knife on a flea market, this plot says that you set priorities incorrectly, which cannot have a positive effect on your further destiny.

If you buy an old, time-damaged dagger in an antique shop, you should take care of your own behavior. Perhaps you allow yourself something redundant, both in behavior and in statements.

Here you can find real-life omens and superstitions about a knife that got broken.

Sergii Haranenko
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