Broken Vase Dream Meaning

What does a broken vase symbolize in a dream? If you dreamed about a broken vase, this is a reminder that there is an unstable situation in life, which can become complicated at any moment. The dream book will give a detailed description of what happened in the dream.

Mr. Miller claims that seeing a cracked flower container in dreams is a symbol of great misfortune.

If you dreamed about a broken vase, this means something threatens your family well-being. After such a vision, the dream book advises you to be patient and sensitive to your loved ones.

A cracked vessel can also reflect a sudden change in mood, and not necessarily for the worse.

Why is a broken vase seen in a dream? If in a dream you banged it in a fit of anger, then the dream book suspects that you are preparing to do something significant and important, and therefore you are a little nervous in reality.

If the vase fell by accident, then you run the risk of making a mistake in the intended business. Therefore, it is worth thinking about everything once again.

Did you accidentally break your favorite vase? The dream interpretation believes that a break with a loved one is possible.

In general, breaking some container in a dream is bad. This is a sign that your heart will soon burst with pain and powerlessness to change anything.

Did you dream that someone else managed to break a beautiful vase? This means that your chosen one may commit an offense because of which you quarrel.

    A complete interpretation of the dream will give the material from which the broken vase was made.
  • Breaking a crystal vase - predicts positive changes in business and relationships.
  • Glass vase was broken - you will give up profitable work.
  • Porcelain vase - bad luck streak is coming.
  • Ceramic vase broken - lightheadedness promises danger.
  • Breaking a clay vase - a tempting offer will come.
  • Plastic vase was broken - disappointment is coming.

Why do you dream of a cracked vase with flowers? The dream interpretation prophesies failure in amorous affairs and love.

Did you have a dream that the vase split in half when it fell? Get ready for a divorce and final breakup.

Seeing a chip of vase in a dream predicts nagging and discontent of loved ones. If there were many small fragments in a dream, this means, on the contrary, everything will work out in family life.

If the vase fell by itself and shattered into smithereens, this means you will move away from the world, becoming a real recluse.

If you dreamed that the vase literally fell from your hands and broke, this means that there will be some kind of misfortune.

If in a dream you deliberately broke a flowerpot with flowers, the dream book is sure that you will show your romantic emotions in the most unexpected way.

Seeing how another person dropped a vase predicts great luck, a possible win in the lottery or game.

A broken vase in a dream is also a symbolic deliverance from fears, complexes and habits. If you accidentally split it, you run the risk of injury.

If you happened to glue a cracked vessel, then you will have to do work that will bring neither money nor moral satisfaction.

A broken vase glued from pieces, according to the dream book, reflects an unstable reconciliation after a grandiose quarrel.

Sergii Haranenko
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