Crystal Glass Dream Meaning

Crystal glass seen in a dream is not the most positive sign. Its appearance indicates the inevitable decline in almost all areas of life.

The esoteric interpretation of sleep states that rock-crystal symbolizes latent or overt paranormal talents, possibly the gift of clairvoyance. Did you have a dream about witch ball of crystal? You can safely engage in magical art.

Seeing cut glass with intricate patterns in a dream - to a bright unforgettable feeling. To hear the ringing of crystal – predicts a joyful event (birth of a child, wedding, anniversary, etc.).

What is the meaning of the vision in which you happened to buy crystal items? Dream Interpretation thinks that this is a sign of failure, in which you are to blame yourself. Selling them in a dream is no better. Your misbehavior will cause disappointment to loved ones.

Accepting a little crystal thing as a gift means that you risk getting into a zone of natural disasters.

Mr. Miller, in his dream interpreter, claims that any crystal object marks an impending depression associated with stagnation in business and relationships.

    In addition, the dream book recommends marking the type of crystal object. This will significantly expand the boundaries of interpretation.
  • The ball symbolizes fragile relationship.
  • Tooth - own arrogance.
  • The ring is a symbol of illusion.
  • Shoes - new perspectives.
  • Casket - empty worries.
  • Castle - doubt, uncertainty.

Why does one dream of a crystal glass vase? Seeing it in a dream means that a period of calm and prosperity is coming. Had you been presented with a crystal vase? You will achieve your plans fulfillment.

According to the dream book, a crystal vase in a dream marks high, but extremely fragile position. Drinking from it is a sign of worries about a secret romance.

Did you dream about crystal glassware? Your dreams are unlikely to come true. But disappointment will become a constant companion in your fate for a while. The dream interpretation is also sure that crystal glassware in a dream marks the inevitable break in a love affair. For a correct interpretation, you need to take into account the variety of dishes.

Why do you dream, for example, about a decanter of crystal? The dream interpretation predicts that you will meet your soul mate. If you had a dream of shot glass, then you are destined for great fame and glory. But in a dream, a crystal cup warns of clearly overstated ambitions that will lead to difficulties in communication.

If at night you happened to see old wine glasses made of crystal, then the dream book is sure that you will receive a particularly advantageous offer from strangers.

Glasses of a completely modern design warn that someone is imposing their company to you, which creates a lot of inconvenience. What is the meaning of a cracked glass in a dream? You will soon definitely identify the person who spreads gossip and evil rumors.

Did you have a dream beautiful wine glasses? Wait for an invitation to visit, as well as meeting a very interesting person. If you dropped a glass in a dream, and it shattered into fragments, the dream book guarantees happiness and a love idyll. Fancy wine glasses also predict a meeting that can completely transform you.

What does a crystal chandelier mean in a dream? If it is switched on, this means that a solemn event and a magnificent holiday are coming in the house soon. This is a symbol of joy, a cure for ailments, and a solution to a complex problem. If there is no light, then all this is postponed for an indefinite period.

If you had a dream of an old chandelier with pendants, someone will not fulfill the promises given earlier.

Why do you dream of broken crystal glass? Dream Interpretation to refuse excessive requests in reality. If you dreamed of broken crystal, then you have to get disappointed in your loved person.

A broken crystal glass item symbolizes parting, betrayal, sadness, as well as the need to make a difficult decision. If broken crystal in a dream caused a feeling of regret, this means there will be a reason for worries in real life. If you took this fact calmly, then you will find the long-awaited peace.

Sergii Haranenko
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