Brunette Dream Meaning

An image of a brunette in a dream promises difficulties in relationships, slander, deception, and the intrigues of detractors. But sometimes this image in a dream can also predict profit on business field, the fulfilling of plans, a pleasant pastime.

You should beware of ill-wishers who can act under the mask of friendship if you saw a dream about a girl with black hair. A brunette seen in a dream is also a symbol of lies and deceit; someone can introduce false information, so you should check all the data that you receive.

If a young man saw an attractive brunette in a dream, this means he can get tempted by an insidious young woman and he will do everything she wants even to his own prejudice.

If a blonde saw herself a brunette in a dream, she will have a big change in views and opinions. If you saw yourself a brunette with a short haircut, you can become a reason of the conflict in the family. If you were a brunette with thick lush hair, this dream is a promise of achieving the goal that you set.

If you liked your reflection with dark hair in the mirror, this is a sign that you should remain determined in spite of the obstacles and you will be able to achieve fulfillment of your plans.

If you met your husband with a brunette in your dream, this means he is hiding something from you. It is not necessarily an affair; he may have some secrets in the sphere of finance.

If you saw your friend with very dark hair, this is a symbol of misunderstandings between you; you should be patient in order to find harmony in your relations.

A brunette woman, whose hair in a dream was short and unkempt, promises in reality a risk of becoming seriously ill.

A beautiful dark-haired woman is a symbol of long and faithful friendship.

If a young man had a pleasant conversation with a brunette in a dream, he can be expecting the same plot in real life.

    If you remember your actions in a dream, you can get a more detailed interpretation of the night image:
  • Just saw a brunette – you will feel negative emotions;
  • Talked to a brunette – a neutral situation can become negative;
  • Arguing with her – slander spread by your enemies;
  • Were doing something together – there will be serious obstacles in what you do.

If you saw a snub-nosed brunette with blue eyes, this means that you will stop fighting in a situation where he had high chances to win. You should continue fighting even if everything seems to be against you.

Dyeing your hair into brunette reflects your big wish to change your life. It seems to you that no one takes you seriously, so you want to look more solid.

Seeing a blonde and a brunette together represents the difficulty of making a choice.

Sergii Haranenko
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