Long Hair Dream Meaning

A dream about long hair predicts a trip. If you see luxurious long hair in a dream, it means that you are in good health; long hair also symbolizes wealth.

A dream where a man sees that he has very long hair, like women’s, predicts deceit. A dream where you couldn’t comb your hair or the hairbrush broke, predicts troubles.

Also, if you wash your hair in a dream and cannot comb it, it means that you are waiting for some kind of long journey or trip in reality.

In the dreambook of Martyn Zadeki long hair foreshadows reconciliation with the enemy or ill-wisher. In Esoteric dreambook very long hair represent the illness of the person whose hair you saw.

In Hasse’s dreambook, to see how hair grows means prudence in affairs; to braid long hair promises beginning of a new relationship; to walk with loose hair or to wash it means anxiety. Also, long hair is a symbol of the fact that you are being loved and respected in reality.

In Miller’s dreambook, combing long hair in a dream means frivolity in reality. Vanga interpreted such dream as a sign of spiritual growth and self-development.

If you see a young girl and her hair is growing so fast that you even notice it, such plot is the image of your dreams that can not come true.

A dream in which a young girl cares for her long, luxurious hair, says that she does not take her personal life seriously in reality.

Some dreambooks consider long hair a very good sign that predicts something pleasant that will happen to you soon.

If you are combing someone's long thick hair in a dream, it means that you are annoying a person with your irrelevant and unnecessary advice in reality.

According to Freud's dreambook, to see long hair in a dream means insecurity and isolation.

Nostradamus said that, in general, to see hair in a dream is a good sign only if they are not tangled, and have a well-groomed look.

A dream about long hair seen by women can also mean rash acts, which she will very soon have to regret in reality.

A dream in which hair is tangled and you cannot comb it, says that you should pacify your nasty character, be more loyal and attentive to people in reality.

If a man bought long female hair in a dream, this means he will meet his soul mate soon. If a married man saw his wife with long loose hair, this image is a sign that she is cheating on him and has a lover.

Petting or touching long beautiful hair in reality guarantees success in love in real life.

Sergii Haranenko
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