Short Hair Dream Meaning

Why do you dream of short hair? According to the most common version of interpreters, short hair seen in a dream is a harbinger of an unsuccessful trip. However, what the cut hair represents in a dream of is not always connected with the road, and is interpreted by dream books depending on the color and condition of the hairstyle as a whole.

Short brown hair, according to Miller's dream book, symbolizes the failures associated with work. If you dreamed of short white hair ringlets - wait for comforting news or a pleasant meeting.

If a girl in a dream, had hair both in black and light colors at the same time, this means that the dreamer will have a difficult choice, during which she will strongly doubt, choosing either the one or the second option. This dream calls for caution.

Light, short golden hair in a dream – is a sign of dignity and courage of the chosen one. If you had a chance to see black curls in a dream - beware of the love trap. The seducer is so convincing that it will be virtually impossible to escape the Eros traps.

It’s not hard to guess what red hair represents in a dream. Seeing in a dream the red short hair of the girl you love promises numerous changes in relationships.

A successful course of affairs is promised by a beautiful and elegant hairstyle. However, too short hair can be a harbinger of financial difficulties. You should avoid wastefulness in order to avoid hard times in the future.

Badly-groomed, tangled locks in a dream predict failures on all fronts. Fluffy, soft and neat hairs promise unlimited happiness.

A hairstyle decorated with flowers seen in a dream warns of the approach of troubles that cannot deprive a sleeping person of self-confidence and peace of mind.

If a woman dreamed of short hair covered with white flowers, such plot means that prepared life tests are required to strengthen her will and character, which will help her cope with a more severe life situation in the future.

To see gray hairs on your head, according to the interpreter, is considered a bad omen. Dreaming of gray hair in combination with a young face promises trouble.

Dream interpretation of Hasse describes what it means to be gray-haired in a dream in a different way. Such an image predicts good luck in business and respect for others. Disheveled short hairs prophesy family troubles, combed hair - symbolizes future sympathy, success in a relationship with the opposite sex.

Seeing gray strands on other people’s heads, according to Miller's dream book, promises failure. For lovers, the dream picture predicts the appearance of rivals.

Seeing a short hairstyle of a girl who is close and familiar to the dreamer in real life warns of losses that will affect the dream character directly. Perhaps in the near future she will need excessive help and the involvement of a sleeping person.

Stroking someone’s short hair in a dream is a good sign that signals of positive changes on the love front. Such a dream is a harbinger of an imminent meeting with a worthy chosen one.

Combing someone else's hair, speaks by the dream book about the obsession and obtrusiveness of a sleeping person. Perhaps you should go about your own business, and not bother others with your advice.

Sergii Haranenko
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