Buying A Ring Dream Meaning

Buying a ring in a dream is a signal that you lack attention in reality, еру dream books say. But if such pictures were seen on the eve of a wedding or engagement, then one should not look for a hidden meaning in such a plot, it is a reflection of real events and worries. Everyone else should be puzzled by the question of why this action appears in a dream seeing the acquisition of the ring.

Miller's dream book explains the meaning of a dream in which you buy a ring for yourself: you are not quite happy with the way your "Love story" is going.

Did you have a dream that you bought a ring for your man? This means that you are ready to take responsibility for him. But if you bought a "marquis" for a friend, this means that the relationship can acquire a different direction.

You will be tormented by doubts about the correctness of your actions, if in a dream you see how you buy a ring for yourself, Tsvetkov's interpreter predicts.

And there is such an interpretation in the Wanderer's dream book: to try on a piece of jewelry for a long time and to acquire it in the end – means committing an act that is not peculiar to you. Did you see that you are trying on a ring that did not fit in size? You should not take on business the success of which you doubt.

Interpretations of dreams of buying a ring for a gift are completely different. For example, the Gypsy dream book claims that if in a dream you presented your beloved man with an engagement ring, this means you will receive a marriage proposal from him soon.

Was the engagement ring given to you? The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation warns you that you should think carefully before making a decision. You are probably experiencing strong emotions right now, both good and bad ones, so you can make a mistake.

And if in a dream you bought a wedding ring, which, in the end, went to the wrong person, this image means you should think about the fact that the person next to you is not the one you need.

The Slavic dream book is explaining why one dreams of purchasing jewelry, both expensive and cheap. So, if you see in a dream how you buy a gold ring – expect wealth.

Was there a gold ring with a stone? If it was with a precious stone – this is a symbol of help from the outside, and if the golden ring was with a "stone" of glass – this is a sign of deception.

Did you dream of buying a silver ring? You will soon have a chance to find out if your friends are “real”. And if you dreamed about buying a silver ring with a gem, this means you will meet a person who will become your friend.

    If you happened to buy a ring in a dream, then in order to get a more specific interpretation, you should remember what it was. Dream interpretation assures that such a trifle can significantly change the meaning of what you saw. So:
  • purchasing a chic marquis - you will get connections;
  • a modest ring made of wood - surprise awaits you;
  • buying engagement ring - happiness in marriage;
  • plastic or ceramic bijou - disappointment and self-deception;
  • fugazy - you are not frank with your friends.
Sergii Haranenko
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