Camp Dream Meaning

What does a camp symbolize in a dream? Dreaming of a camp usually predicts a long-awaited holiday and fun pastime. Besides that, such a dream predicts bright emotions and acquaintance with interesting people.

A dream about being in a camp with friends is a sign of good news. Checking into a destroyed camp is a dream warning of committing a rash act. Going to the camp with your colleagues indicates career growth.

Being a camp counselor in a dream predicts getting an invitation to a solemn event.

A dream about going to the camp may predict a period of loneliness.

Some dreambooks think that a camp may appear in dreams as a sign of acquiring real estate.

A dream about gathering your sons’ stuff for a children's camp is a sign of great joy. Getting to the camp without your belongings – may promise good news from a distant relative.

Being in the camp at night is a symbol of loneliness. Sending a relative to the camp in a dream means increasing efficiency.

Seeing children having fun in the camp predicts a monetary reward. If you dreamed that you returned to the camp, this means reluctance to start a family.

    What kind of camp did you dream about?
  • children’s camp - problems in communicating with others;
  • abandoned camp - means longing;
  • wellness camp (recreation) - a period of calm;
  • pioneer camp - household chores;
  • campsite surrounded by water - traveling;
  • a camp by the sea - new interests;
  • a hunting camp means a change in lifestyle;
  • tourist camp - temporary separation from loved ones;
  • correctional camp - committing a vile act;
  • summer camp - sign of joy.
    What are the Top-5 negative camp dream meanings?
  • A military camp in dreams warns of a loss of business reputation.
  • Concentration camp - an awkward situation.
  • Labor camp - losing in a dispute.
  • Setting fire to the camp - a fire or robbery in the house.
  • Running away from a camp - the deterioration of living conditions.
    What are the Top-5 positive dreams about camps?
  • Winter camp predicts meeting with childhood friends.
  • Sports camp - improving well-being.
  • Campsite in the forest - an interesting find.
  • Camp in the mountains - a trip abroad.
  • Setting up camp - receiving a large inheritance.
Sergii Haranenko
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