Competition Dream Meaning

Any competition in a dream, according to the dream book, is a kind of mini-model of upcoming events that will happen with a sleeping person in reality. Before finding out what the competition is about in a dream, it is important to recall the type of sporting event and the place that you occupied in the dreaming match.

If you dreamed that you were watching the ski competitions, psychologist Miller warns about the stagnation in affairs, the cause of which will be bad health of the dreamer. Running in a dream together with a group of people, foreshadows participation in a fun festival or event, which will contribute to the successful implementation of previously conceived plans. Seeing yourself as a participant in bicycle racing - to the brilliant prospects to show your abilities.

Any sporting contests personify a kind of struggle, which the dreamer leads for superiority in a family or working team. Before finding out what the competitions are dreaming about, we should recall the type of event in which the sleeping person was involved.

To enjoy taking part in running competitions, according to the dreambook of the New Era, announces the desire to hide from emotions and memories, to engage in spiritual development. Winning in a dream race predicts the dreamer's desire to remain alone for a while and understand himself.

The dream interpretation of the 21st century interprets differently the dream about running contest. So, to compete in the race and win - to the successful execution of the conceived undertakings. The dreaming about swimming competition promises a lot of work that will not allow you to relax.

Compete in the race on bicycles reflects the desire of a dreamer to open his abilities, to take advantage of the emerging prospects. Winning the competition promises new interesting offers.

So, to swim in a tournament with a group of people in the pool predicts a strong loving feeling that can distract the dreamer from the main affairs and duties.

To participate in a dream in the ski race and win predicts happy consequences in a sufficiently unfavorable conditions for you. Winning at a school tournament predicts the defeat of your sworn enemies.

For a man, to win a boxing competition in a dream - to a pleasant pastime. For a girl, to see a boxing match in a dream, predicts rivalry of two young men because of her.

The dream about biathlon tournament is interpreted by the Modern combined dream book as the upcoming emotional and mental loads. Competing in jumping on trampolines warns about the unstable material situation of the dreamer due to ill-conceived spending of an impressive amount of money.

To see yourself as a newcomer in any sporting event means that you have to perform useless and useless work.

Esoteric interpretation of the dream of car races is associated with the anger and aggression of a certain person towards you, which will soon break out and provoke a grandiose struggle and competition between you.

A general interpreter connects the process of preparing for the sport challenge in a dream with a stressful situation and tension that the dreamer feels in reality. Perhaps in reality you are preparing to pass some kind of test that is projected by the subconscious mind into such dreams.

Sergii Haranenko
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