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Candy Dream Meaning

Family dreambook considers that dreams about candies promise a number of pleasant and bright events and impressions. But if you spit the candy in the dream the pleasure can be very short-lasting.

Dreams about candies can be seen by people who often take inconsiderate decisions. But psychologists state that these kinds of people are usually quite lucky.

    Miller’s dreambook advises to pay attention to your dream’s details:
  • buying candies - minor problems
  • selling - to have fun
  • sucking - getting pleasure
  • crunching - uneasy work for small payment
  • spitting - idle life
  • treating your friends - an early but happy marriage
  • counting - to have guests

Buying candies or having them as present in your sleep means taking care of your children or parents. There will be much ado but you will be rewarded with a number of pleasant emotions. It can also promise a vacation with your family, a nice unexpected trip.

Cheap candies at the therapists are associated with hard work during which you will meet new interesting people. The dream can also promise a pleasant party with friends.

Freud guarantees sensual pleasures with your partner if you were sucking candies in your dream. If your dream was about candies with unusual flavor you should be prepared to fleeting romantic relations that will leave good memories. Bitter candies is a sign that someone from your close surrounding will let you down and make you very upset. Treating your friends with candies is a symbol of engagement and lucky marriage with a reliable person.

Sergii Haranenko

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