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Mint Dream Meaning

To see mint in a dream - to recovery, attendance of parties, well-deserved vacation. If you dreamed that you personally had the opportunity to brew mint leaves, wait for romantic adventures, meetings, dates. Dreaming means a heap of unforgettable sensations.

As for Miller, he promises an amazing trip to the mountains or to the sea if you had a dream about mint. And for those who can not afford a vacation for some reason, the interpreter recommends arranging weekend at the summer house.

If you brewed tea from mint leaves and treated your friends with it, this is a symbol of coming new acquaintance.

    Miller gives the following interpretation for actions with mint in a dream:
  • Grinding mint leaf in your fingers and feeling its scent – temptations;
  • Brewing mint tea – temporary hobby;
  • Planting mint in your dooryard – finding effective treatment;
  • Tearing leaves, chewing them – long-awaited rest.

To see medicinal herb in front of you, to hold it in your hands promises adventures of an intimate nature. Freud’s dream interpretation warns anyone who dreamed of mint, to be more selective in dating. Otherwise, you can experience a series of disappointments in a new partner.

Taste or smell of spicy mint in a dream predicts coming night walks, beautiful courtship, flirting, unrestrained sex. Grass brewed in a dream guarantees success with the opposite sex. However, the relationship will be fleeting, the chosen one will forget about you by the end of the jointly spent holiday.

Chewing fragrant mint twig in a dream fresh – is a promise of a trip and exciting journey.

In addition, all people who had the opportunity to plant, water or collect mint in a dream will forget about headaches. Peppermint in a dream acquires the properties of not just a healing spice, but also a talisman, means support from above. Quarreling people will reconcile, harmony will come in the family, relatives will unite to solve common problems, children will delight their parents with achievements in their studies.

Sergii Haranenko

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