Dirty Hair Dream Meaning

Why do you dream about your own or someone else's really dirty hair? Dirty hair signifies chaos and disorder that has settled in your consciousness. The dream book will help you find the correct interpretation of this unusual image.

Miller's dream book is sure that tangled hair in a dream warns of failure and bad luck. He also encourages to get together and put issues and thoughts in order.

Why do you dream of your own dirty hair? If you happen to see such a dream regularly, this means you are clearly mired in bad thoughts and useless worries. The dream book is also sure that you are wasting life energy in an attempt to keep something ghostly and completely unnecessary.

In fact, this is a call from the subconscious to change something, or at least determine exactly what you want.

Why else do you dream of uncombed hair? This is a clear indication that it is worth preparing for a whole series of meaningless quarrels and conflicts. Moreover, the longer the soiled strands are, the more protracted all the disagreements will be.

At the same time, thin and short dirty hair indicates powerlessness, illness, lack of money and other similar difficulties.

What does it mean if you dreamed of someone else's dirty hair? The dream book calls for caution in choosing a partner or companion.

Why do you dream about dirty hair on your head? This is how unkind thoughts that will one day lead you to a desperate situation manifest themselves. Did you dream that there was dirt, dandruff and lice on your head? Try not to use the advice that strangers give you. For lovers in a dream, seeing dirt on their heads is the worst thing. This image means that you will have a serious rival in love.

If you dreamed of a man with unclean uncombed hair, this means you should give up generosity. The adversaries will take advantage of your kindness and bring a lot of trouble.

    The dream interpretation also advises to remember whom exactly you saw with dirty curls:
  • A guy – you will fall in love;
  • A young girl – receiving bad news;
  • A woman – means temptation, sin;
  • A boy – there will be some unpleasant chores;
  • A girl – means lack of perspectives.

If it was your husband who had dirty hair in a dream, this means you should be ready for family misunderstanding. Besides that, the dreambooks warn there will be a situation when you will make wrong choice.

Why do you dream about dirty hair that you have to comb? The dream book promises major showdowns with a person of the opposite sex. Did you have a chance to comb unwashed curls and some hairs remained on the comb? Instead of the expected profit, you will have to spend a lot of money. In addition, significant trials, during which you can break, await you.

How to understand a dream where you can not comb the hair because it is too tangled and dirty? This image has a more negative interpretation – all the troubles you are facing now are the consequences of your own thoughtless behavior.

Did you have a dream that you happened to wash very dirty hair? Alas, this is a sign of impending adultery. If you happen to wash your curls with an expensive and effective shampoo, this means you will get into bad situation under pressure.

Seeing how someone washes your hair means that you will go on a secret journey and get a lot of amazing impressions.

Did you have to wash your hair yourself in a dream? This plot means that in order to please someone, you will agree to do a very impartial act.

Sergii Haranenko
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