Dropper Dream Meaning

What is the symbolism of a dream about dropper? Many people who have been in the hospital at least once during their lives are familiar with the dropper not by hearsay. The drop counter is always associated with pain, hospital walls and some kind of ailment. In a dream, a drop counter can be seen in case that in reality you suffer from physical or mental torment. The dream interpretation prophecies coming deliverance from suffering. In order to understand more clearly why such a plot is being dreamed about, one should take into account the entire dream as a whole, and not only the part in which there was a device for intravenous administration of medicinal solutions.

Your personal life will change

If an unmarried woman had a dream about a dropper in her hand, it is a good sign. The Female dream book is convinced that in the next few weeks she will meet her future spouse on her life path. If the dropper sticking out in the hand caused painful sensations, then the marriage union will be overshadowed by quarrels and problems.

If you did not feel any discomfort in your hand, and in general experienced surge of strength, this is a sign that the upcoming meeting will only improve your life. The new union will make you feel incredibly happy and elated. If you dream about this, feel free to go towards new relationships. Rest assured there is only boundless joy and euphoria ahead.

Beware of traps

Seeing in a dream how the hospital staff puts an IV in your vein - symbolizes the intrigues of enemies. The Universal dream book warns that ill-wishers have intentions to worsen the state of your affairs significantly. Did you have a similar dream? Keep your ears open!

To see in night dreams that you were forcibly put into the hospital and people in white lab coats are trying to put a dropper in your vein - means the collapse of current plans. There is one more explanation of why this unpleasant story is seen in a dream. The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation suggests that for some time failures will follow you.

Predictions from Miller's dream book

If in a dream your ex-husband behaved violently, this means he cannot let you go in reality and forget about the years he lived together. If you dreamed that it was you who were giving him a dropper injection into the vein, this means that you yourself do not want to forget about the broken union. Miller's dream book advises not to waste time and not torment each other with uncertainty, but to decide on a reunion or final separation.

This interpreter also explains why one has a dream in which the ex-husband lies unconscious with a dropper. This means that in real life you will never be together again. If you dream about such a plot, then no attempts to return the relationship will bring the desired result.

Other predictions

There are a lot of interpretations of a dream in which a drip was present.

    Here are just some of the descriptions of what the dropper means in dreams:
  • Injecting a dropper to your own child symbolizes a real-life attempt to influence him.
  • Intravenous infusion of blood solution to a relative - means restoring communication spoiled earlier.
  • To take out a dropper with blood from someone’s wrist in a dream means making concessions in a significant matter.
  • Refusing the procedure and crying bitterly is a sign of depression.
Sergii Haranenko
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