Hospital Spiritual Dream Meaning

Explaining the meaning of dreams about hospital, the dream book often resorts to interpreting not a generalized symbol, but a specific plot. To understand what awaits you in the near future, specify what kind of medical institution you dreamed about, what you were doing there, and in what condition it was in a dream.

In the dream books you will find many interpretations of what the hospital means in dreams. So, for example, to see an E.R. department in a dream is a sign that you are very worried about both your health and those close to you.

Did you dream about the therapeutic department of the local hospital? This means that you feel deprived of attention. You need to take care of someone yourself and feel the care. Gynecology department alludes to problems in communicating with the opposite sex, the dream book assures.

But to see oneself in intensive care in a dream is a dual symbol. Have you been a patient? Be careful! And if you came to visit someone, it means that you are afraid of losing the person whom you saw in a dream.

A big role, in addition to whether you were put in the hospital or someone else, is played by what kind of medical institution you happened to see: maternity hospital, psychiatric clinic, children's hospital or something else.

And also, in order to interpret such plots correctly, dream books advise to recall how you ended up in the hospital, of your own free will or under duress, and also who you were in it: a doctor, medical staff, ailing person, or a visitor. Correctly interpreted characters will not only allow you avoid trouble, but also not miss your luck.

For those who became a parent not so long ago, a maternity hospital seen in a dream may be an echo of past events. If you have not yet been in this “place” in reality, or a lot of time has already passed from that happy moment, then to see a maternity hospital is a signal of the rebirth of you as a person.

It is likely that events will occur that will force you to reconsider your life, relationships, values. Moreover, these events can be both joyful and not very, suggests Vanga's dream book.

Working as a doctor in a children's hospital in a dream is a sign of anxiety for the future of your offspring, says Miller's dream book. Did you visit your son or daughter in the hospital? It is likely that your children will get in touch with a bad company.

The district clinic you go to in a dream means dissatisfaction with the position you occupy. However, in interpreting what such a vision is dreaming of, consider your condition in reality, the Islamic Dream Book advises.

If in reality you are sick, then it means you will get better soon. But for those who have recently recovered, such a plot can prophesy the return of the disease. Dream about taking tests – predicts paperwork or running around the officials.

Did you dream that you were sent to a mental hospital? This is a sure sign of nervous exhaustion, assures Pastor Loff’s dream book. But Freud offers a different decoding: a madhouse is a sign of frigidity. And the more realistic the dream is, the more problems you have.

Seeing your beloved man a patient as an infectious box is a signal of his communication difficulties. And if the chosen one was a doctor in this department, then he should look for the cause of all the troubles in himself, tells the dream book of a famous sexologist.

    To understand why you dream of being sick and lying in a hospital ward, you should remember what problem you got in with, dream books advise. For example, here are the meanings of dreams about treating:
  • heart – predicts heart worries;
  • the brain – you need to relax;
  • internal organs – you should not be closed from people;
  • injury to a leg or arm – you should delay the implementation of plans;
  • genitourinary system – you need to learn to "let go" of the problem;
  • eyes – do not make hasty conclusions.

Had you been sent to the old district clinic for some certificate in a dream? Most likely, some dark stories from the past that you would like to forget about will come up in real life.

Why do you dream that they put you in the hospital that is old and wretched to the point that there are not even glasses in the windows? This suggests that you prefer to keep silent about problems than to flaunt them.

But to dream of looking for a hospital in which, in reality, your health has been restored a very long time ago – is a sign of the desire to understand your past, and in particular, your mistakes, the East Dream Book predicts.

The abandoned hospital in a dream has a different meaning, assures Tsvetkov’s dream book. If in a dream you accidentally stumbled upon a medical facility that was abandoned many years ago, then this means that you are being burdened by some kind of secret or someone else's secret that you can’t solve.

If dreamed that the abandoned hospital building was completely overgrown with moss, ivy, wild grapes or something else, it’s better not to rake the past - it will not please you.

Sweeping in the hospital room, which was abandoned as unnecessary – is a sign of futile attempts to change or fix something. But if the walls of the hospital collapsed in front of your eyes, this means you will suddenly become the cause of some kind of conflict.

    In general, a dream in which you are offered to lie down for surgery has a good meaning. This is a hint that it’s time for you to change something in yourself. But, explaining why one dreams that someone else is going to the operating table, dream books recommend clarifying who fell ill in a dream. So, who happened to be in the hospital in your dream:
  • mother or father - ask about the health of your parents;
  • grandmother or grandfather - lifestyle will change;
  • sister or brother - relations will be improved;
  • uncle, aunt, nephews - expect news from them;
  • friend, girlfriend - you will help friends out of trouble;
  • boyfriend or girlfriend - someone will interfere in your union;
  • rival or enemy - you will get rid of the cause of hostility.

If in a dream you see how you go to the medical institution to have hospital care, this means in real life you want to shift the responsibility from yourself to someone else.

Did you dream that a nurse was about to give you an injection or a dropper? An unexpected profit awaits you. Moreover, the source of income can be very surprising.

Going to the hospital in a dream with acute pain is a sign that you are too slow and indecisive. But a daily visit to a doctor with a chronic illness is a signal that procrastination can cost a lot for you.

    For a clearer understanding of what the spiritual meaning of hospital dreaming is, it is worth recalling what the hospital wards, offices, manipulation rooms and other rooms looked like. Here is what the dream books say about the following condition of the hospital:
  • repair and sterility - a sign of transparent investment;
  • clean, but poor - you do not feel satisfaction form your job;
  • renovated, but dirty - there is a traitor in your surrounding;
  • without repair, wretchedly - to melancholy and bad mood;
  • atypical setting - a symbol of unexpected events;
  • hospital is all in black color - predicts trouble or illness.

A paid hospital with expensive services and doctors, seen in a dream, says that the time has come to pay the bills. Seeing in a dream a gynecologist who takes care of your pregnancy in a private clinic is a symbol that your negative attitude towards others will bear its “fruit”.

If the private hospital struck you with its whiteness: you see everywhere a white floor, walls, furniture, without a hint of any other color - sincerity will allow you "build bridges" with any person.

Did you have to be discharged from the hospital, since all the terms of your stay in the medical institution came out? You will act under the pressure of circumstances. Moreover, to rejoice in a discharge in a dream means to rejoice in reality that everything turned out just like that.

Running away from the hospital in a dream is a sign that you will be able to break the system that interferes with your self-development and prosperity. To run away with someone - you will find like-minded people, but to run away alone - symbolizes the lack of support and help. Are you being kicked out of a hospital in a dream? You will set the team against yourself.

What is the interpretation of the dream plot in which you managed to get lost in the corridors of the hospital? This is a sign of ambiguity in actions. You do not know how to act correctly.

Did you dream about walking the maze of corridors and looking for a way out of them? In reality, you will encounter a problem that will make you "wander around." You will constantly return to the beginning of the problem.

To leave the deserted corridors of the hospital is a good omen: the path to the goal will be thorny, but you will be able to overcome all obstacles.

What is the clinic dream meaning? Such a dream is a warning: you can take on various ailments from sick people.

Being in the ward in a dream means satisfying your base needs.

Seeing a wound dressing room in a dream - is a sign of injury. Seeing in a dream how wounds are bandaged is a sign of disease.

Sergii Haranenko
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