Pain Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you feel pain in a dream? Dream interpretation mentions a rather wide range in interpretations: from an uncomfortable position of dreamer to moral suffering in reality, the consequences of which are felt on the physical level. Dreams of different painful sensations can be connected with a real ailment.

Pain and blood in a dream often indicate that life sphere, which in reality requires intervention. Until the dreamer sets this area in order, it will be a ballast: cause suffering, interfere with the implementation of plans.

When you happen to hurt someone else in a dream intentionally or inadvertently, the dream points to an alarming tendency: the inability of the sleeper to identify real enemies and “destroy windmills” at random.

A Women’s dreambook believes that experiencing pain in a dream is just as undesirable as it is in real life- this story promises trouble.

Some dreambooks think that if you happened to feel pain, this is often associated with future profits and fulfillment of hopes. The farmer is in for a rich harvest, the traveler will have a successful marriage away from his homeland, the merchant is expected to have prices raise and demand for his goods.

The Old English dreambook considers it a good sign to feel pain in a dream. This dream has the opposite meaning: painful feelings are harbingers of changes for the better in the most important area for the dreamer.

Headache can be interpreted both in direct and in figurative sense. Often, this is how a boring, but so far unsolvable problem, a cause for concern or new worries manifests itself in a dream.

An Astrological dreambook treats pain in the head as a manifestation of the disease, in fact, taking place.

A sore throat often indicates a tendency to endow the partner with qualities that actually do not exist, the dreambook believes. It is not surprising that such illusions lead to frustration sooner or later.

The toothache in the dream reminds us that it is unreasonable to carry out other people's orders while your own affairs are declining and left unattended.

A dream of toothache, which covered all the teeth at once promises an evening in a friendly company or an invitation to a party with a very warm atmosphere, where you can relax.

Ukrainian dreambook believes that dreams related to pain in the eyes increases the likelihood of illness in the family. In such cases, the disease usually bypasses the dreamer himself.

Chest pain in a dream should be interpreted as a warning that you are in danger. With reasonable behavior you have every chance of avoiding this danger.

A Family dreambook is trying to warn in advance those who feel heart pain in a dream against the mistakes. The probability of annoying accidents any of which can entail grave, if not irreparable, consequences, is especially high now.

The dream of pain in the back signals about helplessness facing hardships of the surrounding world. Dream interpretation warns that a trifling trouble can grow in the eyes of a dreamer to the extent of tragedy, a sad story can plunge into universal grief.

To feel lower back pain in a dream is associated with deterioration of financial well-being. There is a high probability of making a gross mistake in the workplace or in the conduct of your own business.

Everything related to stomach pains in a dream characterizes the dreamer as a householder family man: everything goes into the house, all for the good of the family.

Pain in the hand foreshadows a difficult test, a real test of the hardness of the hand or the speed and accuracy of movements. Pain in the shoulder area warns that strength will be needed; a good reaction is required if you had paid in the wrist. The aching fingers testify to the troubles related with the children; here all the qualities taken together will be needed.

If you had pain in a knee in a dream, Hasse’s dreambook does not advise planning and laying routes in reality. You will not be able to pass them, this time the adverse circumstances will be stronger than you.

Physical pain in a dream often personifies excessive susceptibility, sentimentality, a tendency to take problems and accidents that do not concern you too personally.

Sometimes mental pain appears in a dream as it is, that is, it reflects the real emotional suffering of the dreamer, such as loneliness, fear, causeless or uncontrollable anger.

Sergii Haranenko
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