Dumbbells Dream Meaning

It is generally accepted that seeing barbells in a dream is a sign that the dreamer has taken on an overwhelming burden. Whether this is actually so or otherwise, the dream books will explain. However, even their interpretations may differ from each other, so be sure to consider all the details of a dream, finding out what this sports equipment represents in a dream.

If you had a workout with dumbbells in a dream, this means a conflict with a fight and profanity. And if you see in a dream how someone else is engaged with dumbbells, then this is a signal that you are threatened with a disease.

Why does the businessman dream that he dropped from the bar-bells from his hands? This vision means that business problems and complications await him: disruption of transactions, loss of partners are possible. Giving someone sports equipment as a gift in a dream is a sign that in reality you are feeling guilty before the person you are giving the dumbbells.

Freud's dream book identifies sports in a dream with making love in real life. If you dreamed that you easily exercise with dumbbells, then in reality you have everything in order with sex life.

But any difficulties in the barbells exercise mean problems in sex life. It is likely that you cannot satisfy the sexual addictions of your partner and suffer because of this.

The Eastern Dream Interpretation gives its interpretation of a dream about exercises with dumbbells: a period of long and difficult adaptation awaits you in a field new for you.

The Wanderer’s dream book will explain what is meaning of the dream of buying dumbbells. Do you see in a dream that when choosing dumbbells in a store, you are trying to estimate their weight? This dream suggests that before making an important decision it would not be superfluous to consult a person who has either rich life experience, or high authority and significant weight in society.

If you had a dream that you bought sports equipment for a gift, in reality, misunderstandings with the person to whom you planned to donate your purchase await you. To avoid disagreements, you should indicate your position and ask your opponent about his plans, the interpreter advises.

The loss of a close friend is prophesied by a dream in which you have lost or broken a dumbbell, predicts the dream book of Pastor Loff.

And if you want to understand why there is a plot in which you injured someone with dumbbells, then look through the Modern Dream Book. This is how it explains such visions: you have an overly high opinion of yourself that is not true for others. This does not add warmth to your relationship.

    Dumbbells, both in reality and in a dream, can be used not only for its intended purpose. Here, for example, what promises variations of this use:
  • hammering nails - you do not think about what you are saying - it is unsafe;
  • propping up a door or window - a non-standard approach to solving a problem;
  • use as a press or rammer - you cannot agree with you, a compromise is not for you;
  • chopping nuts – it is unreal to hide something from you.
Sergii Haranenko
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