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Egg Shell Dream Meaning

In the world of dreams egg shell acquires a particularly sacred significance. And if you dreamed about a lot of egg shells, this phenomenon marks the formation of a new personality. The image means that the dreamer acquired valuable knowledge, skills, or habits through which a completely different vision of life and its values was formed.

A broken egg shell means that you will be deprived of some protection or will change your views. According to another interpretation, a broken shell personifies unfulfilled hopes. And at the same time, it means an empty shell.

If a young woman sees a lot of egg shells, the dream promises her getting married soon. A bucket full of egg shells is a symbol of replenishment in the family.

Eating egg shell in a dream means searching for new ideas.

Seeing dreams about egg shell is a sign that you need to show more attention to people around you and your parents in particular.

Miller considers a bucket of egg shells a sign of big profit. Here it’s rather a long and hard work, for which a good reward is relied.

Walking on the ground covered with egg shells is a sign that you are too hard and unresponsive person in reality. The dreambook recommends being softer and more sensible.

If you peeled an egg in a dream and threw the shells on the floor, this plot means someone tries to deceive you, which is fraught with serious money loss.

A broken egg shell also warns of a strange problem that eventually turns out to be easily solvable. And too many small pieces promise a quarrel and parting.

    The dreambooks take into consideration the color of the egg shell in a dream:
  • white color speaks of ordinary matters;
  • yellow implies of finance;
  • golden color symbolizes the sphere of knowledge and philosophy;
  • black color predicts big trouble.

Sergii Haranenko

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