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Evil Spirit Dream Meaning

Various dream books interpret in different ways what evil spirits symbolize in dreams. The interpreters are unanimous in one thing: the character seen in a dream serves as a warning of impending danger. The symbol of hostile power draws attention to some circumstances that can gradually turn into a big problem, indicates his weaknesses to the dreamer.

What caused the image of unholy power?

In the interpretation of dreams, several reasons are mentioned why devils appear in a dream. Azar's dream book believes that in an effort to get pleasure, the dreamer sometimes forgets not only about prudence, but also about his own safety.

Another explanation of why someone dreams about evil spirits indicates the ambition and thirst for power of the sleeping person. If the images you see cause fear, this means you may have fallen under the influence of a very strong personality and are forced to play by someone else's rules.

Danilova's interpretation of why demons appear in a dream may be somewhat puzzling. You experience such overwhelming fear, fatigue and despair that you are ready to seek protection from the devil himself.

Evil spirit in different guises.

According to the interpretation of dreambooks, otherworldly entities do not always take material forms, they can also be invisible. They appear when the dreamer is at odds with himself, tormented by internal contradictions and doubts.

If the invisible substance does not cause fear, the dream portends favorable set of circumstances, which is greatly facilitated by your positive, confident attitude.

Sometimes evil spirits take the form of deceased relatives and friends. The dream interpretation believes that there is a feeling of guilt that you feel towards the deceased. It is recommended to visit the person’s grave or commemorate him/her according to tradition.

When a werewolf comes in nightmares, the dream book advises to beware of two-faced persons in real life. The dream of a witch symbolizes wisdom and, at the same time, deceit. If you happen to see yourself as an easily recognizable mystical character, perhaps in reality you lack the characteristic abilities with which they are endowed.

Visiting evil spirits in a dream.

If in a dream you were trapped in a house alone with evil spirits, Miller's dream book reassures that in reality you are not alone. Help will come from where you did not expect.

The Modern dream book considers being in the house of evil spirits an unkind omen. If a woman dreamed of how an evil spirit in the guise of a charming man invites her to his place, this means that in reality one should beware of temptations and be careful in dealing with the opposite sex.

Information about what the dream is about, how the evil spirits ended up in the dreamer’s house, can be found in Hasse's dream book. Frankly speaking, the symbol is unfavorable for those who are related to agriculture. There is a high probability of crop failure and cattle diseases.

The prophecy of Vanga also mentions why someone dreams of how mysterious forces come to visit. According to the seer, this is a harbinger of incredible luck. Expressing disrespect in a dream, you risk falling into the clutches of vanity, thereby pushing your friends away from you.

There is another interpretation of dreams about the visit of evil spirits. The dream warns that now is not the right time to let strangers into your home, into your secrets and into your life.


If you dreamed of how hostile power was strangling you, the symbol personifies real-life attempts to free yourself from oppressive influences, unfavorable conditions, and change your lifestyle.

The dream book warns that the plot in which a brownie is strangling you may be inspired by real-life problems with the respiratory tract. If this plot repeatedly visits you in a dream, it makes sense to undergo a medical examination.

Sergii Haranenko

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