Exorcism Dream Meaning

What it means if you dreamed about ritual of exorcism? A dream of exorcism promises big problems, so be sure to remember from whom it was that the devil was expelled in night vision, as well as how he looked in a dream, popular dream books advise. Knowing why such a nightmare is seen in a dream, you can prevent your own troubles or help your friend out, well, or not miss the chance to become happier.

Miller's dream book gives a categorical interpretation of the dream to the dreaming devil and his expulsion: if you dreamed of the rite of exorcism, this means you will encounter unpleasant incidents that, fortunately, will not concern you personally.

Did you get scared of the nightmare in which the demon banished after the exorcism session has settled in you? The psychologist explains it this way: someone's evil power or hatred can cause your troubles. Beware of the wiles of enemies.

According to the Eastern Dream Book, to see in a dream how the rite of exorcism is being performed on you – is a symbol of monetary difficulties. Did you dream that everything went as planned, and the evil left your body? This means you will be able to get rid of financial dependence. And if you didn’t manage to “expel” the demon, then be patient, because the problems will remain with you for some time.

But the Gypsy interpreter assures us that the dream of exorcism means a fight against your own complexes, fears, phobias and bad habits. And the real state of affairs also depends on how the ritual passed in a dream.

Why do you dream that you became a witness or an assistant during an exorcism session conducted on your friend? This means roughly the same thing: you will help a friend get rid of problems, dream books suggest.

Do you see in a dream that a friend resists and does not want to be a participant in an exorcism session? Such a dream is a warning of loneliness and misunderstanding by the surrounding people of the dreamer’s aspirations.

Why do you dream of a plot in which you see how you are engaged in exorcism? According to Medea's dream book, dreams of this kind suggest the need to cancel trips – they will not be successful and will not bring the desired result.

Unlike all interpreters, the Gypsy dream book claims that seeing yourself as an exorcist in a dream is a signal that the dreamer will enjoy enviable demand from the opposite sex and authority in his own environment.

To dream about how a devilish essence “leaves” an inanimate object is a sign of far-fetched difficulties. Everything is not as bad as you think, the interpreters prompt.

    When interpreting what exorcism is dreaming about, remember what kind of appearance the demon had. Here are some explanations for such dreams the Italian dream book gives:
  • if the devil had the usual appearance - be careful with signing documents;
  • he appeared in the form of a cheerful demon or imp - do not underestimate the enemy;
  • if he appeared in the guise of a familiar person - take a look at this person;
  • if the devil appeared in the image of an animal - you have a chance to get rich.
Sergii Haranenko
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