What Dream About Facial Hair Means

Dreams about facial hair have different interpretations for men and women. The dream can be a prediction of financial situation improvement, as well as career growth or son’s birth. At the same time this night plot can warn about quarrels, troubles, dissatisfaction.

The dream about facial hair promises improvement of his authority among colleagues and family for a man. The dream can also be interpreted as significant financial profit as a result of right policy and tactics. If a woman sees that she has facial hair, the dream indicates that she is trying to lead everywhere. Sometimes she uses unworthy methods for this. It is better to correct her behavior to avoid contradictions with people.

If a man, who wears a beard in reality, shaves it in a dream, the dream indicates that he is being too soft, sincere and open; people may use these qualities against him. The dream can also predict problems at work; especially if the beard was long and he completely shaved it.

Pulling out facial hair symbolizes dreams coming true and getting a good advice from a wise man. The plot can also promise meeting with an authoritative person. Cutting hair symbolizes losses in financial and personal spheres. If a woman sees a dream about an unknown man with an ugly beard, this indicates she will have scandals and problems in her family. A woman seeing another woman with facial hair can be expecting giving birth to a son. Seeing your own facial hair can mean that the dreamer is confused about his own thoughts about intimate relations. Maybe you need a time out to understand how to move on. The dream can indicated that a woman is under man’s influence.

If a man sees that he is unshaved in a dream, he will have an unpleasant situation in real life. His friends will find out about his weaknesses and vice. If a man sees another unshaved man, he has hypocrite and indifferent people in his surrounding who will not help when required. Plucking out hair in a dream means you have to let the past go.

What is the beard meaning in dreams? Meaning of beard in dreams may be the following: losing your job because of the conflict with the management or appearance of a strong business rival. Besides that the beard means financial stability in dreams.

    What kind of beard did you dream about? The dream dictionary gives brief interpretation of beard meaning:
  • dreams of shaved beard - means unforeseen expenses;
  • big beard in dreams - well-deserved respect;
  • small beard - temporary difficulties in business;
  • long beard - victory in the dispute;
  • beautiful beard - means overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal;
  • female beard - public oppression;
  • young beard - vain worries;
  • fake beard - dangerous situation;
  • gray beard - means respect and recognition in society;
  • thick beard - improvement of the financial situation;
  • white beard - quick achievement of the goal;
  • red beard - means intrigues of envious people;
  • dream of black beard - promises recovery after a long illness.

If you dreamed that your husband has beard, this means profit growth. Dreaming about your son with beard is a sign that you are proud for his success.

    What were the actions with beard in a dream?
  • to see how a man cuts his beard - means problems at work;
  • shaving your ex-boyfriend's beard - symbol of sad memories;
  • pulling out a beard - wish coming true;
  • dream of plucking beard - predicts litigation;
  • dream of touching beard - represents feeling sorry for lost opportunity;
  • petting one's beard in a dream - predicts signing an important document;
  • seeing beard on your own face - may be a sign of strong fear.
    What are the Top-5 negative beard meanings in dreams?
  • A dirty beard in dreams speaks of adverse changes in personal life.
  • Dream of tangled beard - means waste of time.
  • Combing your beard means misunderstanding in relationships with loved ones.
  • Cutting one's beard in a dream - means losses through your own fault.
  • If you dreamed that the beard falls out, this is a warning about a fight with a friend.
    Here are the Top-5 positive dreams of beard:
  • A full beard in dreams predicts a fascinating journey.
  • Goatee in a dream - promises a merry holiday.
  • Dreaming about a stranger's beard - predicts the appearance of an influential patron.
  • A beard in grandfather - means popularity and wealth;
  • Styling a beard in a dream predicts an invitation to a gala event.

According to Freud's dream book, a dream about beard speaks about your desire to diversify sex life. Dreaming about curly beard - warns of the risk of suffering from the actions of fraudsters.

What does a dream about shaving off beard mean? Shaving one's beard in a dream predicts separation from your loved one or loss of a valuable item. If you shaved off your husband's beard in a dream, this is a reflection of unsuccessful attempt to hide your cheating.

Shaving off your own beard in a dream is also a sign of problems in private life. If a married woman dreamed about beard shaving, this is a sign of difficulties in communication with her loved ones.

    In what cases shaving beard in a dream means something negative?
  • Shaving beard with safety razor means problems due to uncertainty.
  • Shaving beard with an electric razor - warns about a dangerous situation through imprudence.
  • Shaving your beard in the bathroom means public insult.
  • Shaving your beard and cutting yourself is a sign of poverty.
  • Shaving beard in the bathhouse - predicts exacerbation of a chronic disease.
    What are the positive meanings of shaven beard in dreams?
  • Shaving a tangled beard means getting out of a difficult situation.
  • Shaving off dirty beard - means getting rid of ill-wishers.
  • Shaving off the beard of the enemy means to victory over him.
  • To shave your colleague's beard - means career advancement.
  • To shave the beard of the deceased person - symbolizes the opportunity to avoid danger.

What is the mustache meaning in a dream? According to the Modern interpreter, to see mustache on your face in a dream predicts unprecedented luck. Circumstances themselves will develop in such a way that, without making any special efforts, you will receive solid monetary profit.

Aesop's dream book explains a little differently why one dreams of seeing a person with vegetation above the upper lip. According to this source, this story warns of enemies, whose intrigues will pretty much spoil your mood and disrupt all your plans.

A dream in which you have romantic feelings for a mustachioed man is explained quite interestingly. Falling in love with such a person means living a loose life in reality. If you do not follow your morality for a long time, you can ruin your reputation forever.

One can dream not only about a mustachioed man, but also about a mustachioed woman. In the Modern dreambook there is an explanation of what woman's mustache means in dreams. If a woman had mustache in a dream, this is a sign that she should be more closed and less trusting. Due to the excessive gentleness of character, others use the dreamer to solve their own problems.

The Female dream book says that the presence of a mustache in a girl testifies to her imprudence and naivety when communicating with new acquaintances. You should not trust anyone 100%, and this is especially true for those people whom you have not yet had time to get to know well. It is considered a good sign to shave off the vegetation from the upper lip in a dream. Such a dream speaks of sober outlook on life and on the people around.

According to Miller's dream book, dream of woman's mustache is an unkind sign. To dream of such a plot means losing a patron. You will have to learn to cope with the problems on your own.

Vlasov's dream book warns that if mustache and beard have grown in a woman, then in real life she should prepare for dirty gossip. All the secrets of intimate life will soon become known to public.

Another option of why a woman dreams of a mustache is mental anxiety. Dream Interpretation by Sonan predicts that worries and doubts will disturb the soul so much that it will be difficult to come back to normal on your own.

If in a dream you saw a man with mustache, this means you will soon be able to feel pride in yourself or your family members. There is another option to explain why a man's mustache appears in dreams. Vanga's dream book promises the dreamer success in business.

Diligently trimming mustache in a dream means that in reality you will not achieve your goals. Do not try to shift some of the problems onto your loved ones. This will only aggravate the situation. Only you will be able to cope with your difficulties and resolve them safely. If a woman was trimming/ cutting moustache in a dream, this is a sign of troubles; misunderstandings in the couple are possible.

According to the Modern Dream Book, dream of plucking mustache means meeting a person in reality who will seriously undermine your self-confidence.

If a man shaved his mustache in a dream, this means in real life he will become more serious. The Eastern dream book claims that the carefree past will be over.

Sergii Haranenko
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