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Facial Hair Dream Meaning

Dreams about facial hair have different interpretations for men and women. The dream can be a prediction of financial situation improvement, as well as career growth or son’s birth. At the same time this night plot can warn about quarrels, troubles, dissatisfaction. The dream about facial hair promises improvement of his authority among colleagues and family for a man. The dream can also be interpreted as significant financial profit as a result of right policy and tactics. If a woman sees that she has facial hair, the dream indicates that she is trying to lead everywhere. Sometimes she uses unworthy methods for this. It is better to correct her behavior to avoid contradictions with people.

If a man, who wears a beard in reality, shaves it in a dream, the dream indicates that he is being too soft, sincere and open; people may use these qualities against him. The dream can also predict problems at work; especially if the beard was long and he completely shaved it.

Pulling out facial hair symbolizes dreams coming true and getting a good advice from a wise man. The plot can also promise meeting with an authoritative person. Cutting hair symbolizes losses in financial and personal spheres. If a woman sees a dream about an unknown man with an ugly beard, this indicates she will have scandals and problems in her family. A woman seeing another woman with facial hair can be expecting giving birth to a son. Seeing your own facial hair can mean that the dreamer is confused about his own thoughts about intimate relations. Maybe you need a time out to understand how to move on. The dream can indicated that a woman is under man’s influence.

If a man sees that he is unshaved in a dream, he will have an unpleasant situation in real life. His friends will find out about his weaknesses and vice. If a man sees another unshaved man, he has hypocrite and indifferent people in his surrounding who will not help when required. Plucking out hair in a dream means you have to let the past go.

Sergii Haranenko

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