Foil Dream Meaning

If you see tin foil in a dream, then, according to the decipherments of most dream books, this indicates either your overwork, or the possibility of being deceived in something important.

In the interpreter of psychologist Gustav Miller there is only one but very pleasant interpretation of the dream about foil: having appeared in a dream, it portends brilliant prospects and the future. Especially if you dreamed about gold foil, the dream book predicts.

The Eastern dream book, like most others, is inclined to believe that the tin foil seen in a dream, which was used in the kitchen, symbolizes minor everyday difficulties.

Have you seen in your dream how you wrapped food in it? Such a plot, according to Nostradamus's dream book, means dissatisfaction with one's own diet.

But the Gypsy interpreter predicts a plunge into everyday problems for those dreamers who tore the foil into small pieces, removing it from food.

The dreamer who pasted over the window panes with foil is at risk of losing the essence of what is happening, carried away by the external effect, the Modern Dream Book predicts.

But the dream about furniture with foil upholstery means an overestimation of one's strength, the same interpreter warns.

What is the meaning of a dream about the walls covered with metal foil? The answer to this question is offered by the oracle of dreams of the White Magician: some amazing event will happen that will not pass without a trace for the dreamer.

A dream about New Year's decorations made of shiny foil will tell about increased fatigue and the presence of chronic stress in life. If you see yourself cutting out toys and tinsel from foil for the Christmas tree in a dream, this is a sign of overwork and a decrease in efficiency.

What is the meaning of a dream of a children's toy wrapped in foil? According to the interpretations of the Big Collection of Dreams of the Ancient Slavs, this is a sign of vulnerability to enemies due to inattention caused by chronic overwork. Take a vacation or a short break from work, the fortuneteller advises.

Have you dreamed that you bought a dress made of silver brocade, but when you got home it turned out to be made of thin metal paper? You should take some of the hassle off yourself or you will burn out fast.

In addition to the usual use of foil, many people use it for other purposes. And if you dreamed about something like this, be sure to find out from the dream books what this image means.

    Depending on your actions with tinfoil in a dream, the brief interpretations are as follows:
  • gluing it on nails, replacing nail polish - attempts to self-actualize without assistance;
  • using it instead of writing paper - you should not be cunning and hypocritical;
  • covering your head from the sun with it - there will be some news regarding your career;
  • to lay it on the table like a tablecloth - your hospitality is too revealing and friends may suspect falsity.
Sergii Haranenko
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