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Green Snake Dream Meaning

A green snake in a dream is a contradictory symbol. The dreambooks are calling the vision the prediction of secret fraud and representing of evil. Besides that the image represents wisdom and health. Some dreambooks call a green snake that someone saw in a dream a symbol of seduction. The dreamer will soon have the situation that will seduce him. If the snake bites you in a dream, this means you will not resist and there will be consequences. If a small greet snake bit you, this is a warning about illness. If you managed to catch the snake that was biting, you will get victory over issues that were troubling you.

A small green snake can also represent some troubles and you will need to take fast decisions. If you put some efforts, it will be not difficult. The snake can also symbolize unpleasant misunderstandings with your relatives. If the size of the green snake in your dream was changing from small to big, this plot indicates that you can not properly estimate the scale of your problems.

Green little snakes in a dream also represent the beginning of change and the end of a certain period of life. If someone dreamed how a small green snake encircled the dreamer's body, this means that in real life there are factors that impede his growth and positive changes.

A big beautiful emerald snake reminds of the tasks that you postponed and problems you didn’t solve. It is time to take care of these issues and sort everything out. If a big green snake attacked you and you fought with it in a dream this is a warning that you will have to face an open enmity. If you won, the obstacles will disappear from your life soon.

    The details of the plot can help you get better understanding of your dream:
  • See it from the side – getting rid of bad habits;
  • If the snake wrapped itself around the dreamer – this means circumstances that you will not be able to deal with on your own;
  • If it was swimming in water – there is a possibility you will change place of living;
  • The snake attacked – there will be losses, obstacles and hardships;
  • A snake’s bite in a dream – you will be disappointed with someone close to you.

A dream about a little snake swimming in the water suggests: if a person tries to take advantage of an illegal loophole for some business, he will pay for it. Sometimes dreams about green snakes can confirm that outer looks of people or stuff can be deceptive. A lot of small snakes represent several enemies. A water snake in a dream predicts worries; you should trust your intuition. Taking into consideration the color of the reptile, the dreambooks consider the image positive in general. It can represent getting rid of bad habits, positive changes, new lifestyle, new acquaintances and bright adventures.

List of real-life signs and omens about snakes. Encounter with a snake in real life.

Sergii Haranenko

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