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Killing Snakes Dream Meaning

Killing a snake

If a person had to kill snakes in his dream, this usually means that the ground is getting from underneath his feet. Miller considers this dream as a warning: the ill-wisher in reality may hide under any face, it can be your close friend or sometimes we ourselves are our worst enemies. If you saw a number of crawling snakes, you will have an argument with yourself; many big snakes mean that it is not easy to hold leader's position in the big company of friends. Seeing yourself surrounded by huge snakes is a sign that you have to take care of your health.

Killing snakes with a knife symbolizes getting rid of fears. The person who did this in his dream will not only gain tranquillity but will also get to higher levels in business. It is a sign of recovery for patients of hospital. This dream plot may also promise the improvement of potency in sexual aspect. If a dreamer saw someone else kill a snake with a knife this means that he prefers to ignore the signals of alarm, but such self-deception will not bring him peace.

Killing snakes with a shovel is not very delicate and the dream means you should not be too straight when dealing with cunning people. Killing many snakes with a shovel means you will have a lot of enemies but will be able to get rid of them. If you caught a black snake in your house it is an unfavorable sign. If someone else was catching it, the problems will pass by.

Killing cobra

    If a woman caught and killed snakes in her house she can be expecting betrayal from someone close to her. If the woman was just watching this killing, she will offend someone herself. It can also be important for interpretation which kind of snake was killed:
  • adler - disclosure of a cunning liar
  • viper - getting rid of same enemies and appearance of others
  • cobra - independence from a tiran (for women)
  • black cobra - fulfilling of plans (for men)
  • green mamba - victory over evil
  • python - salvation from actions that seemed inevitable
  • anaconda - power over your beloved

Sergii Haranenko

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