Snake In Bed Dream Meaning

To see a snake in bed in a dream - to the treacherous and cunning rivals. Dreaming means that someone is getting very close to your personal secrets. Especially if you dreamed that you experienced a lot of negative emotions. Explaining what the viper, cobra or python, crawling on the bed mean, traditional dream-books warn of the necessity to be cautious.

Miller considers that to live among snakes, to see their slippery, wriggling bodies - to the hypocrisy and venality of friends. Despite the fact that the snake in the bed is considered a symbol of wisdom, some secret meaning lies in its appearance in a dream.

    In order to get correct interpretation of such dream we should take into consideration the snake’s behavior:
  • Snake bites, stings you sharply – intrigues of your colleagues;
  • Snake hisses, terrifies you – meeting evil and cunning people;
  • Snake strangles you – health deterioration;
  • Several black snakes curl up in roll – adultery.

If you dreamed that the snake is trying to sting, it comes closer and closer to you in a dream - wait for discontent from the neighbors. Someone is obviously jealous of you and encroaches on the most expensive. If you managed to hear a distinct human speech in the serpent hiss, accept it as a warning about a difficult period of life.

The interpretation of the plot in the dreambooks of other psychologists is reduced to the machinations of ill-wishers in the workplace. Annoying misunderstandings in the team, clashes with the management – this is exactly what the hissing snake in bed means in a dream.

To see a few black snakes in bed, to warm them under your blanket means to learn another person’s terrible secret. The more snakes you saw on the bed, the stronger you will be mired in other people's intrigues, vicious love affairs.

Nostradamus warns about temptations if you saw ball of snakes on your martial bed. The interpreter recommends not getting involved in adventures, not to support the insidious plans of your friends. Otherwise, you can lose the only and true love.

Among other things, the image of a snake in bed is closely related to the dreamer's disease. Such a dream means the start of a disease that can be stopped at the very beginning. Dreambook of Vanga advises to take care not only about your own health, but also to find out how older relatives and dear people feel.

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Sergii Haranenko
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