Handkerchief Dream Meaning

What does a handkerchief symbolize in a dream? The dream book gives several different interpretations of such a symbol as a handkerchief, so it's easy to understand why it appears in a dream. Depending on the details, a vision of a tissue in a dream can be a harbinger of unpleasant troubles, disruption of plans, disappointment or well-being, a successful course of affairs, someone's support.

What was the handkerchief like?

    For the correct interpretation of a dream, it is important how the handkerchief looked in a dream:
  • white handkerchief - a possible deterioration in health, disease;
  • colorful handkerchief - a risky venture will end in the best possible way;
  • cambric handkerchief - your warmth and sincerity attract others;
  • silk handkerchief - harmonious relationship with a loved one;
  • clean handkerchief - dignified behavior, balanced decisions will bring good luck;
  • dirty handkerchief - heavy grievances, deep disappointments;
  • torn handkerchief - major quarrels with your husband (wife).

Miller's dream book: romantic infatuation.

What is the dream meaning of a handkerchief, according to Miller’s dreambook? The vision foreshadows the sleeping person's love interest. Also, something unexpected, but pleasant will appear in your life.

Prepare for obstacles.

Dropping a handkerchief in a dream is an unfavorable sign. The dream book warns: someone will thwart the dreamer's plans, which, it would seem, could not be prevented in any way.

Did you have a dream of losing a handkerchief? It will not be possible to achieve what was planned, despite all the efforts made: circumstances will prevent this.

Were you waving a handkerchief in a dream, saying goodbye to someone, or saw others doing it? In reality, parting with a close friend, relative is also ahead.

Joy, fun, love adventure.

Were you dancing, waving a handkerchief in a dream? The dream book says: you will get an invitation to an interesting entertainment event.

Clean, ironed or new hanky is a good dream sign: the dreamer's beloved person is very devoted to him, there is no need to doubt your chosen one.

Why do you dream of holding a beautiful handkerchief in your hands? A pleasant love affair is coming, which will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Family well-being, support.

To see a stack of clean handkerchiefs in a dream means that a difficult test ahead, but the dreamer will prove himself worthily overcoming the circumstances. This situation will unexpectedly turn out to be a great success later.

Did you have a dream to look for and find a handkerchief? This is a sign that you will get timely support from a stranger.

The dream interpretation sometimes explains its loss as sadness from the poor schooling of children, their bad behavior. Therefore, looking for and finding this personal item portends family well-being, joy.

You and your loved ones will have some chores.

To lose, to seek, but not to find a handkerchief means: the sleeper will give his loved ones, relatives a lot of unnecessary trouble.

What does it mean if you tied it in a knot in a dream? The dream book warns: you can forget about something very important for yourself.

Blowing your nose into a hanky – is a warning that someone from your family will get sick. Also, blowing your nose, wiping your nose – means unpleasant worries and chores are ahead.

Other interpretations.

To wash a handkerchief in a dream – means you will successfully overcome unfavorable circumstances with an effort. Ironing a hanky – a risky business will unexpectedly be successful.

Seeing a man's handkerchief means the dreamer, under the influence of intoxication, succumbing to reckless enthusiasm, will commit an act unusual for him. With this recklessness, he will discourage everyone around him.

Dreaming of a man's dirty handkerchief promises a person deep disappointments, serious grievances.

Why do you dream that it was stained with blood? The dream book warns: a person will become addicted to a person from whom he will borrow money.

Sergii Haranenko
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