Ironing Dream Meaning

What it means if you were ironing something in a dream? If a wife sees herself ironing her husband’s trousers in a dream, this is symbol of a coming quarrel with him. If a girl dreamed about ironing trousers, this means coming marriage. A man’s dream about ironing is a promise of a date.

Why do you dream of ironing home clothes? This image means that after a quarrel with your family members, you will make peace soon. To iron a dress in a dream – means to be relocated. Ironing a skirt in a dream means you will have to make an undesirable compromise.

Ironing a wedding dress in a dream – is a promise of cloudless family happiness.

Did you happen to iron wet clothes in a dream? Dream Interpretation reports: you will be able to correct the opinion of others about yourself. To iron a robe in a dream – means you have to reconcile the family members.

If a girl dreams about ironing a man's shirt – this plot portends a love date. Did you have a chance to iron a man’s shirt for your boss? This dream promises big career changes.

To press a dress for yourself for the funeral in a dream is a sign of strong desire or a premonition of change. But it is not known what they will be like.

Why do you dream of linen ironing? The dream interpretation portends the emergence of a new friend. The dreamed ironing of linen also promises prosperity to business. Ironing bedding promises peace, harmony, good relationship at home.

If you were ironing drapes in a dream, this means the dreamer will make every effort to keep someone else's secret. To iron curtains in a dream means an attempts to restore a reputation. If you pressed a towel – this means an opportunity to improve relations with offended relatives.

Ironing clothes on an ironing board in a dream – means to create comfort at home, but your affairs will move slowly. Ironing bed linen portends a young girl a successful marriage.

If you dreamed about an ordinary ironing board, be prepared for fair, but harsh criticism: you will have to blush and repent. The same image can predict family troubles in a dream.

The ironing board seen in a dream symbolizes the usual course of all affairs. What does it mean for a woman if she burned something during ironing? Miller suggests that she will soon be overcome by suspicions of having a rival.

To see other people using the pressing board in a dream is a sign that your rival will turn out to be more successful in love.

If you dreamed about a broken ironing board, most likely, all your troubles are due to your intemperance and frivolity.

A pile of crumpled laundry intended for ironing means that you have to correct a mistake you made recently. If the linen was ironed and folded in an even pile, then material well-being awaits you.

Any difficulties during the process of ironing, according to the Female Dream Book, indicate an unfavorable home environment. If you manage to get burned, this means excessive fatigue will lead to illness.

Did you happen to see that someone else was ironing? You can expect to visit an old and very cheerful acquaintance.

    Did you dream about an ironing board? Remember what exactly you were ironing on it. The final interpretation of a dream depends on the meaning of a particular thing:
  • A piece of fabric, a large canvas - means settling matters or relationships.
  • Home clothes - reconciliation after a quarrel.
  • Business suit - you should immediately change your image or behavior.
  • Crease on trousers - you will show determination, directness.
  • A sheet, a duvet cover - means a gift, a surprise.
  • Ironing underwear - means an unpleasant ride.
  • Wearing clothes - a gain.
  • A dress - happy changes, moving.

Did you have a dream that you were selling ironing equipment? In reality, you will manage to make someone else do the unpleasant job in stead of you. The same plot predicts that an outsider will solve your difficulties.

What does it mean if you received an iron board as a gift in a dream? This means that people around will bring a lot of inconvenience and trouble.

Sergii Haranenko
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