Hotel Dream Meaning

According to many dream books, to see a hotel in a dream is a good sign. As interpreters state, the dreamer will have some interesting travels and unforgettable impressions. But this is not the only meaning of dreams about hotels.

English dreambook associated a dream about temporary dwelling with negative manifestations in the future. So, any interpretation of dreams about a hotel threatens with failures in business, personal collapse or even imprisonment.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov associates hotel in a dream with travel and business trips. Living in a hotel, having rented a room - reflects the moral and physical discomfort of the dreamer that he feels being at home. Being in a hotel in a dream predicts a breakdown and unmotivated blues in reality.

Hasse gives another interpretation of a plot about hotel. According to the interpreter, to be in the hotel or enter it foreshadows a coming trip. The interpretation of dreams acquires a negative color for family people whose marriage is ruining. Such an image is associated with the betrayal of your partner or its irrevocable departure from the dreamer’s life.

Looking for a hotel in a dream indicates the presence of small obstacles that will arise on your path to happiness.

Having dreamed of an attractive and clean hotel, according to Miller’s dreambook, is a harbinger of bright incidents associated with a change of scenery or an exciting trip.

If a luxury hotel is located by the sea, it means that the dreamer's hopes for a pleasant pastime will be justified. If you dreamed that you had to settle in the room during a big storm - beware of the scammers in the trip.

If you dreamed that you are the owner of the hotel, it means that there will be favorable circumstances in reality, which you will skillfully use for achieving one of the goals.

If renting a room and settling in a temporary dwelling, you find an extremely battered condition of the room, with stale linen and cheap furnishings, then the planned trip can lead to health problems or further complications on the road.

If you rented a shabby cottage by the sea - high hopes and plans will depend not only on you, but also on other people. The ability to negotiate and find a consensus in disagreements will bring the execution of your plans closer.

What does a boarding house mean in a dream? It symbolizes a romantic adventure out of control. Resting in a guesthouse means being in the dark about the evil plans of your enemies. You can't be too trusting.

Sergii Haranenko
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