Hysterics Dream Meaning

A hysterical attack seen in a dream promises peace and grace for the dreamer. To cry in a dream, and not to calm down over time, but to go into hysterics means that in real life there comes a period of peace and serenity.

If you see a dream that you are brought to such a state that you can neither cry nor scream anymore, but can only hit your hands on the wall - such plot promises a quiet family happiness and reconciliation with those with whom you were in quarrel.

If you were in a state of hysterics that hid from everyone in a far dark corner and wept, clasping your knees with your hands, this is a bright symbol of success in all spheres of life. Whatever you start, everything will work out.

Trying to calm down the person on the edge of hysterics in a dream means that someone close to you will need your help in real life soon, Miller states.

If you dreamed that you were dragging away a relative who was crying and hysterical from a coffin - in reality you would come across the callousness of people towards those who are weaker, and will take care of the disadvantaged.

Seeing a hysterical child when he didn’t listen to anyone and was just lying on the floor and kicking with his legs means you should be careful not to get into an unpleasant situation because of your words.

A dream about your child crying hysterically and smearing tears on the face and clothes - there is a chance that you will get into trouble with money, Tsvetkov’s dream book warns.

If the child was hysterical because you refused to fulfill his wish, it is a sign that you cannot be firm in your decisions and actions in real life. People often use this, sometimes even to your detriment.

If you were a doctor at the facility for mentally diseased people in a dream, this is a sign of career changes. If it was a modern clinic, you will succeed in business; if it was an old shabby building, this is a sign that now it is not the best time for career growth.

If a man has a dream about his wife in hysteric and he was the reason for this attack, this is a symbol showing that he is not paying her enough attention.

Sergii Haranenko
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