Wife Dream Meaning

Often, vivid and emotional dreams indicate future changes that can dramatically affect the habitual lifestyle of the dreamer and his family members. One of the forerunners of coming changes is active participation of a wife in the dream.

The dreambooks give different interpretation of dreams about wife for unmarried men. The future life partner in a dream determines a calm and measured existence. If an unfamiliar girl who was positioned as a bride seen in a dream, this image signals about uncertainty and confusion of the dreamer unable to cope with the unknown.

Since the nature of a woman is related with emotions, sensuality and intuition, the dreambooks advise to look at the behavior of your second half in a dream. If a woman does things unusual for her, for example, smokes, it means that you will depend on circumstances in reality. A dream about smoking woman who does it in real life is a signal about deterioration of her health.

A dream about your drunken wife means you can expect profits and profitable deals. A naked darling in a dream, according to the dreambook, is a warning about committing an unworthy act, which can aggravate family relationships or affect the reputation in business. Seeing someone else’s wife naked is a symbol of suitable moment to express yourself.

Seeing your wife crying in a dream means you should get ready for difficulties. When interpreting this plot, the emotional state of the character is important. Bitter tears symbolize grave situations, and joyful crying is interpreted by a dreambook as a threshold for unexpected, but pleasant events.

Seeing a dream about your sleeping wife is a sign that your beloved woman suspects you of adultery and keeps watching your every step.

If a life partner leaves for a business trip in a dream, then it is worth waiting for an unexpected turn of fate, with the coming of which there will be a desire to change the usual way of life. Meeting your wife who returned from a trip means you should get ready for the good news at work.

The interpretation of dreams about other women mainly aimed at illuminating the dreamer's spiritual state. So, the wife's sister in a dream symbolizes the need for communication and understanding.

A quarrel with your wife’s relative is a sign that you should not discuss your relations with the spouse with other people. Your wife’s girlfriend seen in a dream is a reflection of discontent with family life.

Talking with your brother's wife in a dream predicts minor troubles. If the conversation with her becomes heated, and you begin to argue, you should immediately establish good relationship with relatives.

The wife of a friend in a dream predicts secret respect and admiration for the character. It is interesting to find out the interpretation of a dream about the wife of your boss. Dream Interpretation promises favorable events at work leading to promotion.

For women who are in an illegal love affair with a married man, the lover’s wife seen in a dream personifies the inner conflict of the dreamer. On the one hand, she realizes that relations have no future, on the other; she feels her inability to end up with amorous issues.

In some cases, the woman intuitively feels that the wife of the beloved man revealed a secret affair, and now she is trying with all her might to get rid of her rival. If you dreamed that the wife of a lover filed for divorce - there is a real opportunity to get this man. If the husband leaves your rival, but not for you, the dreambook predicts the end of the affair.

A quarrel with your wife and beating her in a dream (if you have normal relations and are not used to quarrels) is interpreted in a positive way: the plot predicts success in different issues.

When you have strained relations with your wife in reality, beating her in a dream, symbolizes the pent-up anger that is about to fall on the household. To beat your darling - the upcoming success in the affairs of your bride that will soon cease to please you.

Scolding your beloved in a dream with no reaction from her means that the girl was really hurt by you.

If you were strangling your wife, the dream has an alarming foreshadowing and is interpreted as a prejudiced attitude of the dreamer to the companion of life, which is fraught with a speedy departure or betrayal on her part.

Alarming dream interpretations also have plots about losing or looking for your wife; such dream reflects serious problems in relations because of the dreamer’s hot temper.

If a single man saw a dream about a quarrel of another couple where a husband beats his wife, such plot means that the reasons for his failure with girls are empty fears to start a family, which is most likely due to the emotional experiences of childhood.

If in such a story the wife kills the husband, then it is worth thinking about the behavior of your bride. Perhaps the young lady pursues purely mercantile interests.

Any demonstration of passion in a dream is a symbolic representation of satisfaction with family life. So, having sex with your wife, getting almost real pleasure from it, is interpreted as harmony in the family sphere. If during the dream you didn’t manage to achieve the desired orgasm - it is worth preparing for conflict situations.

Dreams in which you kissed your spouse reflect positive changes in the relationship of the couple, if the wife kisses another man; there is a threat of being dragged into an impartial story.

Hugging your wife in a dream means that someone close to you requires your help and support. If you dreamed that you became a witness as a husband kisses his wife - wait for pleasant acquaintances.

If your wife is expecting, seeing a dream aboutlabor is a natural reflection of your worries about her and the baby. If your wife gave birth to a baby-girl, you should expect a boy in real life, and vice versa.

If your wife gives birth, although she is not pregnant in real life - this is interpreted as achieving cherished goals through hard work.

A dream about your wife leaving you for another man is a sign of inner uncertainty. If a life partner divorces you, you can wait for a new surge of feelings.

The interpretation of a dream in which the wife cheats on her husband has the opposite meaning. This indicates loyalty to her man.

Seeing your wife as a bride in wedding dress on the wedding foreshadows difficulties in moral and material matters. Alarming events are predicted by visions in which a wife was marrying another man. It is quite possible that she is already ready to replace her spouse with another person.

Despite the bitterness of loss, the situation in which your wife died in a dream is considered a harbinger of new beginnings. If you dreamed that your wife was killed, this means a quiet time is coming, you can relax and rest. If the spouse killed his wife himself, he should expect squabbles and scandals. Seeing the funeral of your wife means it will be possible to get things off the dead spot.

The French dreambook gives interpretation of a plot about deceased wife. This dream indicates the desire of the deceased to help in a difficult situation or ask about something.

Sergii Haranenko
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