India Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about India, the dreambooks promise an interesting journey, joyful event or meeting with an unusual person. But this country in a dream also warns about hard work, worsening of your financial situation, susceptibility to secret influences.

If you happened to travel in India in your dream, you will soon receive big inheritance. Perhaps it will be left by a distant relative about whom you do not remember.

If you were riding an elephant in India in a dream, the dreambooks warn that in order to achieve what you planned you will have to put too much efforts and persistence.

If you decided to move to India in your dream, this plot predicts worsening of your financial situation. If you learn to save money and work hard, you will be able to overcome all the difficulties.

Planning a trip to India in a dream means you are afraid to break up with your beloved person. You are not yet ready to bring something extraordinary into your life and this turns him away. Show more attention to the feelings, thoughts of your partner.

For a girl, to see herself as a bride at a wedding according to Indian traditions in a dream, and, in Indian attire, means: a wish fulfillment is waiting for you. Only this wish will come true in some unusual way.

If you saw an Indian woman dance exotic dances, this image promises a pleasant evening with your friends.

If you made a dream trip to India, this means you often fantasize and dream; you should pay more attention to reality. Being in India in your dream is a symbol of new hobby that will differ from your previous ones. Seeing Indians in a dream is a sign of new knowledge and experience.

If you dreamed of India and a big beautiful temple, you will begin to learn methods of alternative medicine.

Looking on the Indian Ocean in clear weather in a dream is a sign that you will soon feel inner peace, harmony, will gain wisdom, a clearer understanding of certain things.

Sergii Haranenko
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