Killing A Crocodile Dream Meaning

Did you dream of killing an alligator? What is the meaning of such a dream? Since dream books interpret a crocodile as an image of an enemy in a dream, victory over the animal means the dreamer's triumph over ill-wishers, gossips, and spiteful critics in reality. The dream, as it were, encourages him to behave boldly, decisively, without retreating before the attacks of enemies – this is the only way to give them a worthy rebuff.

Be confident - and there will be less trouble. Why dream of killing a crocodile? Dream Interpretation warns: envious people are waiting for the moment when you will be very vulnerable to harm. Do not give them opportunities to notice that you are weakened – you should demonstrate strength, confidence and optimism.

Did you have a dream of a dead alligator, from which a dreamer takes off his skin? The dream book reports: outsiders can find out what one would like to keep in secret. Therefore, you cannot trust your secret even to people close to you, because "what two people know, the whole world knows."

To dream of a murdered crocodile means you will soon find yourself in a very unpleasant situation, but still get out of it with less loss than you might expect.

What it means if a woman dreamed of a crocodile? This plot means the dreamer is in conflict, stressful situation created by surrounding people. If a woman dreams about the reptile killing, this is a good sign. She will repulse the ill-wishers, and shut up the gossipers.

In a dream, the crocodile always personifies the enemy, the spiteful villain, and as powerful as he was in the dream. When a woman dreams about the murder of an alligator, this means she will triumph over her foe in reality.

To dream of an alligator attacking you - according to the dream book, there will be a clash with a man who was considered a friend. Killing a crocodile – means to defeat him. However, after such a collision, you will become so wary of everyone else that you can offend real friends. Therefore, you should understand that sooner or later, the mask will fall from the hypocrite, but with disbelief you can push away your real friends. It is worth trusting people close to you more - they deserve it.

If you a dream of killing a crocodile together with a friend, in reality, he will help you repel ill-wishers. A dream also means: you can always rely on him in need.

In a dream, were you able to kill a crocodile while hunting it? This plot means you will be able to get rich very soon – circumstances will turn out very favorably, things will bring big profits.

Did you have a dream of a murdered alligator whose meat the dreamer eats? The dream interpretation calls such a plot a favorable symbol. Eating alligator meat in a dream promises receiving those benefits that usually high rank officials have.

According to Miller, seeing an alligator in a dream means that your loved ones will deceive you very soon. Not expecting such insidiousness, you will be at first confused, and not immediately able to respond adequately. Moreover, the enemies will begin to criticize you more than before.

However, entering into a fight in a dream and killing a crocodile means quickly dealing with the consequences of betrayal of loved ones. You will also fight back your foes and strengthen your position with the support of colleagues or acquaintances.

In addition, Miller’s dream book warns: try to be less frank with others, including family, friends. Your personal information may be used against you or transferred to third parties.

Sergii Haranenko
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