Dead Animals Dream Meaning

Sometimes dreams about dead animals are a symbol of success, curbing the base passions, spiritual cleansing. At the same time, the dreaming image hints of deterioration of well-being and general decline.

Seeing dead animals and people in a dream is a warning about serious conflict, maybe global one. Dead animals predict disappointment and anxiety, a little less often failure of plans due to a tragic accident.

If you happened to see vultures eating dead flesh, the dream interpretation recommends preparing for the numerous reproaches and humiliation from your loved ones.

Seeing a lot of remains in a dream means that a big epidemic can happen in reality. At the same time, the dreambooks promise prosperity and well-being.

To see a lot of corpses of wild animals means that you will successfully get rid of unpleasant problems, bad influence, pressure, possibly witchcraft. The hustle and bustle around the carrion symbolizes in a dream symbolizes coming changes of spiritual kind.

It is a very bad sign to see your home pets die in a dream. You will know deep disappointment in family life, lose your wealth and health. Seeing dead home pets in a dream is a warning that a close relative or friend will get ill. Sometimes this image points out the dreamer’s illness.

Seeing your pet’s funeral in a dream means that someone will return you what you didn’t hope to get back in real life.

    Dead animals in dreams are traditionally associated with any events or specific people, the whole team. But a complete interpretation of a dream must take into account, first of all, the very kind of dead creatures:
  • Mouse, rat - loss, separation.
  • Hare - constrained circumstances, interference.
  • Mule, cow - the decline of affairs, disease.
  • A dead snake - betrayal of a friend.
  • Dead elephant - deterioration, failed wedding.

  • Monkey - victory over enemies.

Miller promises health problems, conflicts at work and at home if you saw a dream about dead animals.

Seeing dead animals on the roadside in a dream is a symbol of loneliness. If the corpses on the road were pecked by predator birds, the dreambook foresees the betrayal of a friend, confidant, lover.

A dream about dead animals in the water is a symbol of the impracticability of dreams and hopes. At the same time, the dead animals in the water, which are carried away by the current, symbolize the deliverance from unnecessary worries, obligations, and harmful passions.

Seeing animal corpses cast ashore is a bad sign. Dream interpreters assumes that own carelessness will lead to great misfortune.

If you saw a dream about different dead animals, they act as a symbol of distrust towards your loved one. At the same time, carrion promises long life and well-being.

If the corpses were decomposing fast, this plot predicts a coming trouble. If the look of dead bodies does not cause ill feelings, you will suddenly become rich or you will literally catch rare luck in real life.

Any negative feelings in a dream signal the exposure, the bad influence of past events on current life.

If dead animals suddenly came back to life in a dream, you should be ready for real surprise and shock.

Seeing pets that passed away a long time ago alive means that a problem that seemed solved will return. This is also a sign of the resumption of old ties and affairs. But more often that plot marks an amazing incident or a very unusual adventure.

Sergii Haranenko
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