Killing A Fox Dream Meaning

The red cheat fox seen in a dream personifies both the secret enemy and the seductive person. The correct interpretation depends on the accompanying signs, sensations, emotions, actions in a dream. Let’s find out why we dream of killing a fox.

Our subconscious mind protects us from deception and trouble, tells where and when you need to play it safe. But some people are able to take advantage of tricks and cunning to get personal gain.

    Miller's interpretation of the dream about killing a fox reduces the explanation to recommendations to work on increasing consciousness, one’s moral level:
  • to shoot a fox in a dream – means to escape from temptations;
  • strangling the animal – parting with the person who hurts you;
  • beating a fox with a stick – you will reveal a conspiracy of competitors;
  • seeing a dead fox in a dream – predicts a change of status;
  • skinning a fox – you will identify the hypocrite;
  • outsmarting a fox – winning the heart of a loved one.

Psychologist Hasse attaches great importance to the place where the fight with the fox took place. Killing a fox in an open area means justifiable risk.

If you killed a fox near your place, this means you will understand who exactly wants to separate you from your family. It can be not only relatives, neighbors, imaginary friends, but also “well-wishers” who have absolutely nothing to do with your home.

Nostradamus promises victory in a bitter struggle for the best position in the workplace if the fox was killed near its hole in a dream. Do not miss your chance – prove to your colleagues and bosses that they can always rely on you.

Fox killed in the zoo in a dream means that the unfair game played by competitors will be successfully disclosed by you. Even if things are not going well now, there is only one step left to the victorious finale.

If the fox was killed in the woods or in the field, this means you should take a closer look at people who are not indifferent to you: to fans, secret admirers – there is a risk of losing their good attitude, and remaining completely alone.

You should also remember what was the color of the fox fur in your dream. Killing a red fox means you can be congratulated – once and for all you will manage to suppress passionate desire to possess a person who is indifferent to you.

Was a white fox killed in a dream? Shooting an albino fox in a dream means saying goodbye to mortal danger. Seeing a white predator in a dream, strangling it with your hands promises a complete recovery after a protracted illness.

A dead fox with black fur in a dream says that it's time to take a closer look at your subordinates, colleagues. Their fawning indicates that they pursue selfish goals.

In a dream, killing a fox by preparing a trap in advance is a bad sign. If in a dream you saw a beast driven into a cage, then you are not much different from your enemies and are ready to fight them with dishonest methods. You may gain the victory, but it will very difficult to “wash out” your reputation after that.

Sergii Haranenko
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